Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comparison and Contrast

In D.C. this is big news. Barack gets a Half-Smoke,that's like a Polish Boy with chili, no cole slaw.They eat this a lot in Washington.What was big was first this is the "hood". This is not Downtown.He could have went to a "better" place,but he was keeping it real.The two articles that follows give a eyewitness account and someone that phone it in. I thought it would make it interesting.
All NObama, All the Time.
Inauguration Countdown: One Big Mess

I haven't been in much of a blogging mood in the past week as I've been busy stocking my cupboards with rations ahead of Clusterfuck 2009, happening in just over a week at this point. I absolutely, completely, definitely understand the necessity for tight security for the Inauguration, but dare I suggest that things are out of control?

If you have been paying attention to what's happening and you don't live in the D.C. metro area, let me suggest that you will get more of a bird's eye view of how planning is going and Obama's latest moves around the city by checking out D.C. metro news (WJLA, WUSA, FOX 5 DC, NBC 4, DC Examiner), rather than just national news. For instance, imagine my disgust when I saw on the local ABC affiliate's website earlier today that Obama had stopped by a D.C. landmark, Ben's Chili Bowl, for a "bite to eat" with Mayor Adrian Fenty. While watching the video, I nearly lost my dinner when I heard him say, "Naw, we're straight" trying to use "hood" vernacular. Oh, the horror. He makes me sick. If I had been in there yesterday, I would have been rolling my eyes so much, the Secret Service might have made me leave.

Anyway, take a look at these local stories to get an idea of just how much of a mess this Inauguration Coronation is going to be. --SUGAR

DC Hospitals Unhappy With Inauguration Traffic Plan

Inauguration Day Attendees Worry About Security

Businesses Concerned Over Inauguration Planning

Non-Emergency Care Unavailable at Most Hospitals on Jan. 20th

Inauguration Rehearsal Exposes Communication Problems

From Huffington Post:

CHRISTINE SIMMONS | January 10, 2009 03:00 PM
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WASHINGTON — What does the president-elect order on his first Saturday afternoon since moving into town? A chili dog and cheese fries.

Barack Obama dropped in Saturday afternoon for a bite to eat with Washington's mayor, Adrian Fenty, at Ben's Chili Bowl, the venerable diner in Washington's U Street district.

Obama said it was his first time visiting Ben's Chili Bowl and "it was terrific." The expectation is that Obama _ already at ease in big cities from his time in Chicago _ will venture into town more than President George W. Bush, who rarely made forays into unofficial Washington.

After Obama's motorcade wandered through the U street district, passing the African-American Civil War Memorial and a flea market selling shirts that bear his face, he and Fenty surprised the restaurant around lunchtime. Patrons shrieked with delight and surprise as they saw his face. A mother blushed as Obama held her baby in his arms. The president-elect and the mayor moved slowly through the restaurant's crowded rooms, shaking hands and getting pictures taken with patrons.

Still, they came there to eat. "Where the food at?" he finally asked the counter staff, drawing laughs from them and nearby patrons.

He and Fenty ordered a house specialty, a Chili Half-Smoke _ a quarter-pound half pork and beef smoked sausage on a steamed bun with mustard, onions and chili sauce _ along with a big helping of some cheese fries.

They found a small table. They had the popular food. They even chatted it up with nearby customers at their tables. But something was still missing: the shredded cheese. Obama yelled for some _ "not the Velveeta" kind, he said _ and it was quickly delivered.

Word must have gotten out he was in the area: After Obama and Fenty had their meal and left the building, dozens of people who had lined up before security barriers cheered him on as walked toward his motorcade.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey Kid! Just discovered your blog; thanks for visiting mine.

I grew up in DC as did my mother, and my father came during WWII. She swore by that place in the '60s. I think they used to have two locations, and when the U Street corridor got prettied up I guess 10 years ago, they really did well for themselves.

I do see Obama treating the majority population of DC with respect by going to eat there first, 'cause DC has always been Chocolate City but is portrayed differently on the news and tv shows and movies.

And yeah, he can keep it 'hood; he was in Chicago so long and dating Michelle and went to Rev. Wright's church pretty often, so he seems equally comfortable with both races, unlike some of these brothas like Harold Ford, who imagine would be appalled at the idea of Ben's Chilli Bowl. Plus he loves junk food, lol.

Take care,

~ Kit

kid said...

Hi Kit glad you could stop by.I'm going to need your help this year going after FOX.You got skills.Welcome to the 'Spear(our little La Cosa Nostra).Keep those ideas flowing.