Friday, January 23, 2009

Greta's top story on 1-20-09

While President Obama, was getting sworn in, and Teddy Kennedy and Robert Byrd got ill, this important news flash was put up at Greta's site.By the way ,this was resolve on Sunday. The inaugural was on Tuesday.Why didn't she post this Sunday?

January 20th, 2009 1:20 PM Eastern
What is wrong with some people?
by Greta Van Susteren

This is twisted….what is wrong with some people? What is with this guy and his partner that they need to be so mean spirited? And it is always people less accomplished than their target who do this….it must make them feel important…the West Hollywood couple - Chad Morrisette and his partner Mito Avilies - can only dream of being the governor of the largest state in the union because they sure don’t seem like leaders!


West Hollywood couple behind Sarah Palin effigy run afoul of EBay

Palinefigy Yes, the noose is still included.

For those who already have the Obama hope poster, the McCain maverick button and the Joe the Plumber T-shirt, there is one more kitsch -– though more controversial -– item for the comprehensive 2008 presidential campaign collection: the Sarah Palin effigy that caused a bit of an uproar outside one West Hollywood home and prompted Keith Olbermann to name the homeowner “Worst Person in the World.”

Chad Michael Morrisette, a professional window-display designer, and his partner, Mito Aviles, put the Palin mannequin up for auction on EBay last week, complete with red coat, beehive wig, glasses — and with a noose still hanging around its neck.

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