Sunday, December 28, 2008

Payback is a mother...and so is Greta

How I started my day …
by Greta Van Susteren

Can people be THIS stupid?

I am changing banks Monday morning. I have (soon to be had) SunTrust. They violated my privacy ….so now I have to switch banks in order to maintain privacy. And the weirdest part? They did it by writing about their “privacy policy.” Go figure. ……I do have his name (I will protect HIS privacy even though he does not give a damn about mine) but his title is…ready for this? Corporate Privacy Officer. It should be “corporate idiot.’ thanks a lot!

…so now your turn, what stupid thing have you discovered today?
Comment by tickedoffOhioan**changingnameto**6canecorsosinOHIO
December 28th, 2008 at 11:28 am

Comment by Kid Funkadelic
December 28th, 2008 at 11:25 am
There is a GOD. Now you know how the people on the shut-in list at Trinity United in Chicago feel.Rev. Wright and Rev. Moss still need a apology from you and all your co-workers at FOX that went on a witch hunt.God don’t like ugly and payback is a Mother.

Your right about one thing KID…and goodluck when you are burning in HE LL for your hateful, racist, nasty remarks. You are one SICK thing….I can’t even call you human!

Did I say anything racist or hateful?Now nasty?


vanishing point said...

every time i read that one comment, the worst one, i feel like going over there, which you know why i won't do that, greta's fans must come from palin's rallies. to answer your question, no, they don't care if you speak in a soft voice, or have a logical explanation, since they don't have any answers, they use those name calling vile responses.

That must be why they do it.

kid said...

At least you got my back,thanks.

shawanda said...

Hey kid. Im glad you sent Greta that message! She's all about Do as I say, not as I do! She uses her site to fuel the fire of the rightwing nuts there! She banned me awhile back yet I see she's still allowing the hate and racist remarks to flow through her blogs! Now I send my comments to her email. She's an instigator for the right and she's the type who has the following of people who are trying to divide our country! Keep posting! Give it to her good!

kid said...

Thanks Shawanda, I hope you can get back on, they're nuts.