Saturday, December 6, 2008

A message for Clarence Thomas

Rosa sat so Martin could stand,so Barack could run,so that our kids can fly.So Clarence can crawl.

Yes the last line doesn't make sense, neither does Clarence Thomas.Many right wing sites are mailing and e-mailing Justice Tom Ass so he can rule against President elect Barack on his Birth Certificate.Clarence do you want to go from the most hated black man in America to the most hated black man in the world?So far President elect Barack is not in office yet and they are naming schools after him.In Cleveland they changed a elementary to his name.If he does a C job as President it would be better than the F- job your friend Shrub done.

First let me get real about the new President.I know he smokes, he's trying to stop. He speaks a little Arabic and Indonesian, he couldn't really say that during the election him trying to have a All American image.He was at Trinity Church we all know that,he could have went to M.L.K.'s church Sean Hannity would have called it a "black church". Any church he would have went to would have been called a black church , like it a bad thing.Now he's in there and you want to throw salt on him.

Clarence stop hating yourself. You believe just because your Grandfather brutalized your mind with self hatred that you can disable and destroy the hopes of 33 million of your brethren. those people sending letters to you think of you as a personal slave.They call you their "boy","idiot", and the "good" one.They think that you're a chump.I know you hate the new President because he's everything you're not.He's part white,I know you wish you were ALL WHITE.He made it because he was smart, not because of Affirmative Action.Can you say the same thing? They pick you to be the slave catcher, your job is to kick MY ASS.

There is still hope for you yet.When that nutcase Berg bring that lawsuit to you , you can recuse yourself.Remove yourself from the case and bring honor to your name.Maybe one day a kid going to Clarence Thomas elementary school would have pride in attending it.


vanishing point said...

"Rosa sat so Martin could stand,so Barack could run,so that our kids can fly.So Clarence can crawl."

Kid, that is so right, you wrote that just beautiful, I love what u write.

kid said...

It's not original,except for the last part.That stuff is all over the place on T-shirts, posters,and signs.I forgot who the author is.

vanishing point said...

love what u write. the last part is the best.