Monday, December 22, 2008

Obama Embraces Sexual Bigot and Disses Dissenter of Racism

Barack Obama is too busy. First, he appears every other day at expensive and high profile press conferences to "announce" his administration appointments. Second, he provides way too much commentary on "this and that" and does so with the calm of a casanova. And have you noticed the daily and consistent stream of Obama coins, plates, and info-mercial-like kudos that parade him as an almost saint?

Tell me, what is going on? While I have been around the block a couple of times, I have never seen this kind of hoopla around an incoming president. Grant it, Obama supposedly is to be the first Black president of the United States (although that designation can be disputed - do your homework 'cause I don't want to enable the lazy masses). But something else is being said; something that is quiet and dangerous. But I cannot quite put my hand on it.

However, one thing is clear: Obama has asked the Rev. Rick Warren to pray for "us" at his inaugural bash come January 20, 2009. Rev. Warren, by the way, hates on people who are homosexual and rejects their admission to his California church if they do not reject and repent their sexual orientation. Yea, the messiah-like Obama, despite his stated compassion for homosexuals, selected the homophobic Rev. Warren to pray for America.

This is the same Obama who lashed out and distanced himself from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Chicago. Mind you now, Rev. Wright's only "sin" (according to a lot of white people and a small group of passive Black people) was screaming and hollering about America's racist past and present. Rev. Wright's rants did not demonize or hate on individuals who enjoy love and sex with a consenting adult of their choice.

You do the math: Rev. Wright was dissed by Obama for complaining about the deadly and murderous system of racism and white supremacy. And Rev. Warren is embraced by Obama, this despite Warren's concept that equates homosexuals with pedophiles and bestiality.

The result of Obama's association with reverends, thus far, show that he ran away from a reverend who challenged the system of white supremacy, and he ran to a reverend who makes villains of those who cherishes the person of their choice.

And Obama's response to Rev. Warren selection? Obama says we have to work with people of contrary views. O'k.

And Obama's response to Rev. Wright? Obama ran away from him. Grant you, Obama did write and give an impressive speak on race in America.

So, does not mean that Obama will give a comparable speak on sexual orientation in America?

This is what we suggest: We strongly urge Obama to replace immediately Rev. Warren from his inaugural ceremonies. In addition, we strongly urge Obama to write and give a roaring and compassionate speak on sexuality including sexual orientation in America because if you have not noticed, America is as equally afraid of sex as they are of Black people.

Fige Bornu
Positive African Image Institute

(Fige Bornu is an advocate for youth and elder justice and can be reached at 08
Obama Embraces Sexual Bigot and Disses Dissenter of Racism

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vanishing point said...

That's a really good point, I would much rather see Rev. Wright do the invocation, plus he's funny.