Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stupid Tuesday

O.K. Hillary and Barack are basically about even. Someonne messed up Michigans votes and there are problems in other states. Now theres another thing ,Super Delegates. These are public officials that pledged to vote a certain way for their canidate. So Obama could have more delegates , but Hillary could have Super Delegates.

Georgia has had problems with counting the votes. Obama won Georgia but, the republicans could use this as a model to cheat us out of a election , for the third time. Now I live in Ohio where they steal our votes legally. No fake B.S., the secretary of state write the laws and steal the vote. The new secretary of state is trying to fix what Uncle J. Kenneth Blackwell (stock owner of Diebold, the people who count the votes, and Bush Ohio campaign director) did. We're scared. Now the last major election I voted in ,I had to move back to Cleveland to vote. It wasn't a problem considering that I lived in Cleveland Heights up to that point.The lines were long , there were only three voting machines. Two were broke. I ask how can a voting machine be broke? I was told the chads were clogging it. Now at the time a voting machine in Cuyahoga County was a suitcase, with a lightbulb and a puncher for knocking out the chads. It took three hours to vote in Cleveland. That was some bull. In Cleveland Heights , it took two minutes or more. It was so bad in Ohio Michael Moore and Roseanne Barr came to my old neighborhood with cameras to film it. So let's just pray that all our votes count next month and in November.

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