Saturday, February 2, 2008

love don't live here anymore.

I feel sorry for Bill Oreilly. His ego is brused. He went after some homeless veterans, and won. Hey Bill, do you feel better now? Yea, you shut them up . You gave them what they deserve. Bill says that only bums and junkies are homeless. While these guys were accepting Bill's offer of help if they come to see him, he sent his lacky out to ambush them. He ask them "how did you hear about it. " Well Bill since they're homeless, they got it off their blackberry. You know how they know , someone told them about it. You're sick. Think about what these men went through so you can enjoy your million dollar lifestyle. If you were to go to war you'll be a junkie or a alcoholic too. I don' have hate for you anymore. I feel pity. When your "reporter" stuck a mike in the face of that guy , I was numb. You hate poor and black people so much you dis the veterans. Now you say in two weeks you will let the public know your plan to help the vets. I think this is a way of incoculating yourself so the folks (your racist audience) won't be pissed at you. I live in a town where the foreclosure level is at a all time high. Now as with most situations its not real until it happens to whites. I not glad about that , that's messed up. More jobs are leaving town. The govenor has to lay off people, but as you say there's no homelessness problem. Bill wake up.

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