Friday, February 15, 2008

Si se perde', like a mother!

A lot has been happening in the election lately.Hillary fired , laid off , whatever two of her campaign staff.One was a Hispanic woman that Hill knew for several years. What was the reason behind the firing? I don't know, but there seems to be a viral video that's going around. It was taken from a speech that Obama made. The motif of the speech was "yes we can". Several rappers , musicans and others participated in it. They took his speech and put it into music. It is very touching, it makes you want to cry,(I kid you not seriously).It is also the ralling cry of the immigrant movement.When Hillary made her this is America, speak English stance; she lost her Latino support. So for the next few days his campaign staff would say the phrase in Spanish. Yes we can, si se perde'. She wanted to get elected and took the step of not trying to be so called soft on immigrants , Hillary yes we can and no you can't.

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