Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ok we got it, you have no respect for black people

It's not even the elections yet and some people have lost their minds. The Washington Times has printed articles negative of the POTUS. Now there's nothing wrong with a little criticism, but we all know that the way the media has been going after Blacks is not normal. What they're doing is their usual fair turning blacks into dumb,ignorant savages. We know that the real savages are the people that are trying to aggravate people so much that they will go out and commit violence.

In the Washington Times in one article resident draft dodger and racist, Ted Nugent call minorities everything but on time for dinner. He makes comments about the riots in England by using everything but the N-word for the people. The riots in England were not Just about race, it was about class as well. The Conservative government is cutting public programs and no jobs are being developed. Almost sound like America don't it?

Ever since the election the Conservative Media has been trying to make people kill. They try to make people so angry that they will just go out and kill. Conservatives have had Draw Muhammed Days, Draw Allah Days,burning Korans, their march on Dr. King, PUMA, anti Hispanic marches in the Southwest and so on. Now we have King Kong with a moltov cocktail on top of Big Bin and the POTUS protrayed as a stupid ni****. There's a history to protraying blacks as dumb and as monkies which the Conservative media know almost too well. What do they think that Black people are going to do thank them? THEY WANT US TO RIOT. Let's not even give them the satisfaction. Both photos appear in the Washington Times and the monkey cartoon was first posted in a Miami, Fla paper. We seen how the Conservaative Media all around the world can incite people. Shootings at the Tides Foundation, five cops shot in Pittsburgh; three died, Norway mass shootings what is next?

The media should just REPORT the news, not make it or inspire it.


A Pissed Off Irishman said...

What is next?

Why did you so conveniently leave out all of those flash mob riots?
Made by those shitty little savages with names such as Miles Nibane, Jamal, Zameer Waliyud-Din,Lamarr Jones, Tasgene West? Names that don't sound as if they are Norwegian or even Caucasian? Surprise surprise. Did that slip your mind?.

Mista Anonymous said...

How does this grab you?
Three Black wannabe terrorists were arrested after what police described as a fake bomb was found in one of their carry-on bags during security screening at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

kid said...


Accord to the FBI, America is getting attack by White Christian terrorist vs. Islamic at a ratio of 3 to 1. You have your opinion , I have my facts. BTW,isn't Bare Naked Islam an al Qaeda recruitment center? I would like to see what a member of Seal Team 6 would like to say to you traitors.

kid said...

@a punked out irishman

Sorry bigot I have more important things to to, save my country from racist like you that want to tear it down because they whine like babies that the POTUS is black.

Darth Bacon said...

Lying Gondie POS.

Prove- with an actual stat from the FBI, not a link to one of your ridiculous hate sites like MediaMatters- that there are 3 acts of terrorism by ANYONE for every 1 committed by your friends the Muslims.

You are a liar, and a terrorist-worshiping munt.

If all it took for people to riot was somebody's words, we'd have strung you up for all your namecalling already, moron.

Right-Winger said...

I wonder if he is sitting in the back of the Bus on his bus tour.

Princess Natasha said...

Ghetto Swimming Pool.

The Political Chic said...

Hopefully, now that this fraud has exposed himself as the socialist he is more black people will be able will see through the socialist scam he and his puppet-master had portrayed and now think about becoming Republicans, where the skin color is not exploited as it is in the democratic party.

Robinswing said...

With you on this Kid. Of course the media has this thing that fair and balanced somehow translates into giving both sides of the story as if one is not an outright lie. Lie is what they do a lot of these days.

kid said...

Hey Robin welcome to my blog. Mi blog, su blog. the trolls that come here are really, really messed up. They get their information from the Conservative Citizens Council and invent several sockpuppets. Most have no blog of their own because people would 'make it rain" there. So they hide and insult.Now because of how uncivilized they are I have to moderate the blog.

Darth Bacon said...

No, kid.

You moderate comments because it's the only way you can stop people from showing you how feeble-minded you are.

And you're a terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Lying munt.

Lisa said...

I see you are still telling your fish stories kid.

"The riots in England were not Just about race, it was about class as well."

Conservatives don't think the president is stupid they just think he's a puppet or an "Accessory".
What you don't think that speech he made at the DNC was for nothing?
He can read a good speech but off the cuff he has more "uhs" than one can count. Of course unless he is surround by his purple shirt Union thugs then he just feels right at home and knows whatever he says will be met with cheers. Just ask Marxine Waters.

Darth Bacon said...

You lying, cowardly spook.

You moderate because it's the only chance you have of not looking like a subliterate, terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Reggie said...