Friday, March 25, 2011

What if he was looking for Sarah Palin?

You should see all the comments at this site. People have a lot of jokes posted there. If this brother was strapped at a Palin rally, he would be dead. One of those Tea Baggers or 5-0 would have "regulated". Maybe his "friend" Jared seen this and decided to visit a Congresswoman in Arizona. Yup this is Arizona. Now most of the people I associate with know black men get shot for holding a cell phone. Yes this guy get a "pass" because the gun is for the POTUS. What this guy just did was to give people on the left a "get out of jail free pass" when they bring their gun to a right wing rally. Here's the thing, the guy could have went down there and promoted peace and love but Republicans don't understand that do that do they? Guns should not be brought to ANY political rally.


Malcolm said...

It kills me how conservatives love to hide behind the 2nd amendment when it comes to carrying guns at political rallies. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's a good idea! Can you imagine the selective outrage we'd hear from the right if someone carried a gun at a Bush rally?

kid said...

A black guy with a gun at a Reagan rally would have been shot dead and they know it. I feel sorry for Erkel's dumb butt.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Shaw Kenawe said...

It's really hilarious, and in a way pathetic, how the bacon dude can't keep himself away from our liberal blogs.

He comes here and insults you, kid, essentially calling you brainless.

What a brave dude he is!--running around the "intertubes" insulting people on their little blogs.

Now THAT takes courage.


Mary Mayhem said...

An AR-15? Are you serious?? I can't believe the one commenter that posted "I can't wait til the day we don't need permits anymore!" Um why? Planning on doing something illegal with your AR-15 "hunting" rifle? This guy would have been tackled and paddywagoned atany conservative event...shit even at a Hillary Clinton event....!!!