Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Walker Lexus Ranger

 lexus ranger

I wonder how this episode will end?


Steve Harkonnen said...
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Steve Harkonnen said...

It will end with the demise of the union age. It's simply came and went. The times, they are a-changin.'

Corporations and businesses take better care of their people nowadays, so there's really no more need from unions.

Stark examples: Conduct your own survey of failed cities that were run by unions. Detroit's a great example of a union town. Run by Democrats for years, it's now the epitomy of being the worst example of city failure and an astute refusal to back down from unionization. This is why Detroit sucks. I know this because I am from the Detroit suburbs. Mass unemployment. I’ve seen homeless men recently, who were found to be digging from trash cans. This was on the same street where the Ford Stadium is located. I was on my way to seeing a game there two seasons ago. In that same area, I’ve seen neighborhoods razed to the ground. Houses there go for $25 to $500. If you go over to Cass Corridors, it gets worse. People walking the streets with nothing to do. When General Motors failed, along with Chrysler, they laid of THOUSANDS and it was all due to high union demands and collective bargaining practices. Don’t get me wrong, collective bargaining was outstanding back in the seventies. My father was a BIG union man and he LOVES his pension. One of the better points of having unions, but the problem is, our economy just cannot support collective bargaining anymore.
View it as a sign of the changing times.

The root problem? State governments simply cannot afford to pay the high salaries anymore demanded from collective bargaining.

Just my two cents, but it's got facts.