Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey Glenn Beck where's your shinebox?

The right must feel like Joe Pesci in this scene from "Goodfellas".All the talk about student indoctrination and nothing happened.Someone mentioned the scene on Daily Kos.They said that the President made them look small.

Speaking of going Gangsta Keith Olbermann is going for the mattresses.He's asking his audience to send him any and all Glenn Beck material.Beck threatened to go after three more of the President's staff, Keith snapped.Then today he also revealed how FOX went after him with lawyers, spies, and lies.I think that Keith will win this one.


vanishing point said...

well, i guess i am glad i never saw that movie before:)))

ooooh, the children might be indoctrinated, then they keep saying that it was all about the lesson plan, ab keeps saying that, she keeps saying she is a teacher too!

kid said...

If a President could indoctrinate children, then I should have voted for Republicans after seeing Reagan and Bush.Maybe President Obama has "That Old Black Magic".