Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wing Nut Discipline ?

It looks as if the right is trying to tell their people to behave. Many right wing sites are trying to distance themselves from the “wing nut” faction of their party. Don’t believe the hype they are as screwy as they ever was. They know that they are suffering an image problem. They lack message discipline. The Astroturf and ratfucking sites they made they are now throwing them under the bus. Well they had to do it. Many on the right were seeing how fake their grassroot organizations were. When your organizer of your tea parties is Dick Armey and your co-chair is Newt Gingrich people are more prone to call you out on your bull. The right even has people on the left doing their dirty work. On my sidebar is Black Agenda Report. They hate the President more than the teabaggers. They are fake militants. They claim that Obama is not Black or Socialist enough. They attack the real clubs and groups that are helping our community. Tom Joyner has probably sent more black kids to colleges with the exception of Bill Cosby and Oprah. So what did Black Agenda Report do ? Attack him for being cancelled in some cities.Yes a guy with a internet radio show that didn’t help get a President elected disses the top black radio personality that helped get a President elected. When black people are in trouble they don’t call the bitter black guy that worked as a writer for the Republicans, they call Tom Joyner. Trying to rehabilitate your fake civil rights group won’t work. When you are in agreement with 90% of what the right is doing then you are not a progressive.

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