Saturday, April 25, 2009

OK Sean, put up or shut up.


Sean Hannity has agreed to be waterboarded, and Keith Olbermann will raise $1000.00 for each second Klannity can take it for charity.I don't think Klannity can get out of this.Last time Sean got a pass. April 4th 2008 I saved Sean's life along with thousands of other people.Sean was invited to debate Rev. Al Sharpton .What was the subject Martin Luther King. Sean was going to take the anti-MLK position.You can't make this stuff up.The location...HARLEM.What did my dumb butt do ? Along with hundreds,maybe thousands of other people we had Sean disinvited.What was learned from this event ? That maybe Sean should have seen the LOVE the people of Harlem had for him.Well it looks like lightening is going to strike twice.Sean gets another chance to challenge fate.Sean thinks that waterboarding is a walk through the park.Will he take Keith up on his offer ?Christopher Hitchens AKA Wile E. Coyote went through this.He cracked. It put the fear of God into him , and he's a atheist.Now Psychologist say that drowning is one of man's most traumatic fear of dying.Sean won't get out of this using the Hawthorne Effect.That's being prepared for a situation you know that is about to happen. You can't prepare yourself for torture.Sean you played yourself.You're not going to cakewalk through this.


Malcolm said...

Could it be possible that Sean's mouth has finally written a check that his ass can't cash? If he goes through with submitting himself to be waterboarded, I don't think he will be able to take it. He'd then have to admit that he was wrong in saying that waterboarding isn't a form of torture. If he weasels out of it, he exposes himself as the fraud and blowhard that many of us already believe him to be.

vanishing point said...

Kid, as always, you write a great post, and I love the cartoon.
What I would really like to see is Klannity and a group of police officers volunteering to be tased for charity, now who would volunteer to administer the tasing?

Tim Gunter said...

Sean will not make it through the ordeal if he does this. He has so trivialized waterboarding that he doesn't believe in his mind that this is serious.