Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dr. Jack Van Impe calls the President the Antichrist

Is President Obama the anti-Christ? If he was(which he's isn't),Pat Robertson, David Manning, and Jack didn't know until after the election.Looks like the Holy Ghost when utilized by them ,can't pick the winner of a election.

These men and others like them are dangerous.This is where the Teabagger mindset comes from.Now I can speculate why these men are doing this, but I won't. Daily Kos don't subscribe to conspiracy theories.I'll just stick with reality.

Christians are taught to kill the devil.So if you call someone the actual Devil what should be done about them?When Ronald Reagan was President people didn't bring guns to where he had his townhall meetings.Even though there was eighteen letters in Ronald Reagan's name we didn't give him the analysis to see if he was the anti-Christ (6+6+6=18).Liberal broadcasters didn't punch at photos of him like a coward on Fox does.We didn't go to rallies and hold up signs threatening his childrens lives.I know ministers back then didn't pray each day for Ronnie to die unlike Alan Keys V.P. running mate.It's all about racism.

One day on Michael Medved's radio show Rev.J.D. Manning called the then Sen.Obama's mother a whore.Michael Medved said ,"I concur wholeheartedly".We seen how the right lie and use trick to stay in power. They are dangerous.

Why isn't the media reporting on this?

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Reggie said...

And yet these same simple minded fools hung on every word that last imbecilic president said as though they were the word of God........and look just where that got us.

For the life of me, I don't understand why anyone would believe anything that these fools say.