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The anti-ACORN

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February 9th, 2009 6:20 PM Eastern
Will Americans Block the ‘Spendulus’ Plan Before It’s Too Late?

By Phil Kerpen
Director of Policy, Americans for Prosperity

The public hates this bill. Intensely. The more they learn about it, the more they hate it. The anti-stimulus website was so flooded with traffic that it crashed this morning, then it was brought back up with three servers and promptly crashed again.

You may ask who the hell is Phil Kerpen? He is a debate specialist and economist for the far right. He gives them their marching orders from the National Review Online.

Now that the public is really paying attention to this bill, it’s a race against the clock to get it passed before it collapses of its own weight. Democrats and their outside allies, like, concede that if it doesn’t happen this week it never will, and the vote tonight only means the bill cleared the first of several hurdles that it faces this week.


Inherency is the abomination of debate theory. The amount of theoretical work devoted to this one concept swamps all others, and yet its basis--that the problem must be both endemic and identifiable with a particular cause, is wholly unwarranted. Argumentation theory in general, and specifically argumentation in policy making contexts,
long ago came to the conclusion that it entirely possible to solve a problem without fully identifying the cause; do you refuse medication from a doctor who is treating symptoms when the infectious agent

This is how his little La Cosa Nostra works,first is the "spam" called Tracy Ellen that sent the message to right wing sites.Then it moves up the ladder to Grassfire, and finally to Americans for Prosperity.They get the money and then finance their satellites:

Black Political Action Committee
Founder and Chairman of the Board
Dr. Alan Keyes
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council;

Alvin Williams
President and Chief Executive Officer, BAMPAC
Shamed Dogan
State House, MO, 88th District
Sydney Hay - Black America's Political Action Committee
US House, AZ, 1st District
Wallace Jefferson - Black America's Political Action Committee
TX Supreme Court Chief Justice
Steve Pearce - Black America's Political Action Committee
US Senate, NM
Dale Wainwright - Black America's Political Action Committee
TX Supreme Court Associate Justice
Allen West - Black America's Political Action Committee
US House, Florida, 22nd District
Michael Williams
TX Railroad Commission
George Allen, US Senate VA
Ken Blackwell, OH Governor

I thought these names might interest you Blackwell,Allen,and of course Keyes the man that went to court to looking for President Obama's Birth Certificate.They're organizing the Republican "community" to start a their own racist type of ACORN.These are the groups:

* American Seniors
* American Conservative Union
* Americans for Prosperity
* Americans for Tax Reform
* Black America’s Political Action Committee
* Catholic Citizenship
* Center for Freedom and Prosperity
* Center for Individual Freedom
* Citizen Outreach
* Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives
* Competitive Enterprise Institute
* Cornerstone Policy Research
* Council for Citizens Against Government Waste
* Ethan Allen Institute
* Frontiers of Freedom
* Grassroot Institute of Hawaii
* Illinois Policy Institute
* Independent Women’s Forum
* Institute for Liberty
* Institute for Policy Innovation
* Iowa Association of Scholars
* Kansas Taxpayers Network
* Media Freedom Project
* National Taxpayers Union
* Ohio Taxpayers Association & OTA Foundation
* Public Interest Institute
* Reason Foundation
* The Maine Heritage Policy Center
* Tennessee Center for Policy Research
* Wayne County Taxpayers Association, Inc.

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lincolnperry said...

Why weren't they enraged when the first part of the stimulus package when to the banks, and auto companies?

kid said...

When the companies get theirs they don't care if the people don't get theirs.