Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fox news is losing viewership

Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World:

It appears that Fox News is losing viewership (this video outlines what's going on). I am not surprised, since Fox News is a network designed to do well in the post-911 world. That world was driven by fear and unAmerican assaults on our civil rights. It is only my hope that we can get out of this period and move to one that embraces the values on which our country was founded (other than that whole slavery thing).
I encourage everyone to be a part of the anti-Fox News campaigns being led by Your Black World, and By working together, we can remind them that their behavior is not going to be acceptable. The campaign page for Your Black World contains direct phone numbers and email addresses for all of the producers of "The O'Reilly Factor", as well as the contacts for their corporate sponsors and the FCC.
Here's a great video on the topic that you might enjoy. Here is another article on money management for young people. One of our blog readers made a comment that I agree with 100%. He said , "The smartest slave on the plantation was not that house slave, and the smartest slave on the plantation was not the field slave. The smartest slave on the plantation was THE RUNAWAY SLAVE, since he was no longer on the plantation."
Let's manage our money, get our children educated, and teach ourselves to live without fear. Let's get ourselves off the plantation.


Kellybelle said...

That video is on point--even though the lynching postcards break my heart.

Don't you think a President Obama will boost FOX's ratings? Clinton and the Lewisky scandal was the best thing that ever happened to the network. They need something to fight against.

kid said...

I don't think he's EVER going on Fox after O'Liely said that about his wife.

vanishing point said...

That's a great video. Glad to hear Fake News is losing viewers!

kid said...

When Al Roker and Bruce Gordon launched their protest of Don Imus it was Dr.Boyce Watkins idea to boycott Procter and Gamble. He's no joke.