Thursday, March 13, 2008

I ain't going for da Okie Doke.

I was listening to the radio when suddenly my racist fiend...oops I mean friend Michael Medved started to go off about Barack, Mike has said several things about the Senator. One day he quoted Shelby Steele's book about black/white identity. Shelby's from the same background as Barack. One black parent , one white parent. He says that Barack is confused and hate being black, of course the guy that loves slavery agreed with him.The hatred for Barack is unbelieveable.They bring up his religion(he's church of christ), his middle name and now he's lucky to be born black.The only person who had a tougher job than me and Barack is James Brown and he's the hardest working man in showbiz.They tried the race card , the gay card,and they even said perverted things about his wife.I was one of those people that wanted a "united" ticket,but I would vote against him if he put that racist on his ticket.Many in the Afrosphereare now thinking that if Hillary wins start a third party. Some white people are really disrespectful to blacks.Hell, my mother said she will not vote for Hillary, she interested in a third ticket.

So while listening to Medved he played a speech of Obama's . Hell Mike even compared him to MLK(well he does have the cadence).Then Medved said he heard something he did not understand. Barack said hey yall don't go for the Okie Doke. Medved ask a BLACK audience to tell him what it means. He told him were not getting fooled again, that what it means. So Barack not black enough huh Mr. Medved? Well why did you have to get a translator?Next time I drop you a Ebonics to Nerd dictionary.


Anonymous said...

People like Medved make me sick. No matter what you tell them, they will never understand.

I don't think Barack would ever have Hillary on his ticket after what's happened. She's like Jessica Alba. Put her on the billing and the whole movie will tank.

Anonymous said...

Medved will probably end up in another of those wingnut "accidents".

It involves a vacuum cleaner,and his wang.

kid said...

Hey Yakki, I love the picture you got of our Furher in chief you got there. Thanks for visiting.

Dusty Meadows said...

Hey Kid Funk,
Appreciate your site. I will read to weather the rorschach test that is this election cycle. Thank you! I started a fledgling site ded to psych music I collect. March is all about psychedelic funk and black/white cultural miscegenation. An hours worth of free tunes as well! Check it.
PS early pfunk singles on Revilot, Invictus, priceless...
Be well

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kid.

And thank you for coming by the Ill repukes.