Thursday, June 12, 2008


Let's see if Niger and Roy Innis, two Toms that help racists get their own TV show can get passed the anti-semitism ,Neo-Nazi stuff.Hey aren't you Sean Hannity's friend.Didn't he personally vouch for your sorry racist,butt.I know Sean loves neo Nazi. Maybe you know Hal Turner a terrorist that slept at his house and visited Sean job.Maybe you could go on Hal show ?Let's see if Jesse Lee Peterson or B.O.N.D. can Tom and Coon enough to get you a job.There ain't enough Christmas or Hanukkah Toys to bribe enough Black and Jewish kids to get your job back. B.O.N.D. is a Sean Hannity front group that he's on the board of.I wonder how much Klannity makes from it?

BTW, that cereal box came from "Death by a 1000 Papercuts", a site that helped Dog out, this isn't 1808 is it?

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kathy said...

I have never trusted Death by 1000 papercuts. I wouldn't be surprised if they were watered-down version of Encyclopedia Dramatica.