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This is the slow change of a blogger into a sockpuppet.How can someone be dedicated to the Jena 6 , and the next minute sound like Juan Williams. This is Sugar of Sugar and Spice blog.Her ultimate goal, a confrontation in Denver.See how she evolves from Mary Tyler Moore to Michelle Malkin:

Today, I'm 30 years old and two days, or 360 months old, and the one thing that does still worry me is the whole issue of the sex drive. I've heard time and time again that women have their sexual peaks in their 30's. Well, for someone who already had a high sex drive, what does this mean? Will I find myself on the corner wearing fish net stockings and four inch high glossy pumps in a few months because the aching in my nether region is so overwhelming? Will I begin to drop down on my knees and perform award-winning fellatio on any man who happens to brush past me? I'm just trying to make sure that it isn't going to be like some Wolfwoman thing, and everytime there's a full moon, I burst out of my clothes and traipse all over the streets naked in search of a man who knows how to throw that D! I'm kidding, of course that's not going to happen...right?


It must be a strangely orgasmic thing to feel an unbridled passion for someone and yet to have a passion in some other thing that has the potential to cause you to want to say to your sweetie, kiss my ass and I'll holla because your views are so different. I've dated a Black Republican or two and it wasn't easy because with the one who left the most lasting impression, it wasn't just about his political views, he was just ultra-conservative in general and that just didn't work for me. However, with the way the Bush Administration and the Republican party has led this country to hell in a wheelbarrow, I don't know that I could truly date a Black Republican now. I mean, I'd always wonder, "Is he serious?"

Today, "liberal" talk show host Randi Rhodes set white America back at least 30 years. She decided to stick her ignorant foot in her mouth by saying that Oprah was "acting black" during her recent speeches while stumping with Barack Obama. This is what I heard as soon as I got into my car this afternoon on my way to the gym. And, before I go any further, let me say that for at least the past two months, it has been my routine to get into my car after work and turn on the Randi Rhodes Show so that I could hear what I considered enlightening, intelligent conversation about all things doing with the war and politics. I've told almost everyone I know, including other bloggers, about how much I've loved listening to Randi keep it real. Well, today, "keeping it real" went wrong.

Randi, who must be blind in one eye and can't see out the other, said that Oprah was "acting black". She said that Oprah "turned her blackness up a notch or two", Oprah "went all Maya Angelou on us", Oprah was really acting like Harpo, saying, "That wasn't Oprah up there! That was Harpo! That was Sophia!! You tole Harpo to beat me!" and "we haven't seen Oprah that Black since The Color Purple" [Of course, that must be Oprah's one and only film since Randi said it was right? Stupid bitch. I just bought Beloved on Saturday]. As I sat in my car in the parking lot at my gym, my mouth hung open for what must have been five minutes straight every 20 minutes. Caller after caller, black and white, called in to tell Randi she was out of line and to try to give her some insight into Oprah's approach during her two most recent speeches, but she wasn't hearing it. She yelled at people, she berated them and she acted like an absolute savage [what's new?]. This, only minutes after her previous story was about how she rarely gets to go on television because execs say "we are afraid of you", basically because she acts so damn ignorant and wild. Today, she proved them right.

She went on to say that the Oprah we see on the Oprah Winfrey Show is the way Oprah always acts and she couldn't believe that Oprah would be different at home or amongst her friends, namely black ones. A lady called in to tell Randi that Oprah is in essence on her job while doing the O.W. show and that she might have been more relaxed around the black audience. Randi went off, telling the woman that she just couldn't accept that black people have to live "dual lives and if so, that's pretty pathetic and I wouldn't want to live that way." Before I insert a "fuck you", let me let Randi know--most of us do live dual lives and I'm about to show you a bit of it.

Bitch, what in the hell do you think we've been ranting and raving about all of these years!? It is an open and often spoken of reality among us, professionals and otherwise, about how we have to "Wear the Mask". Has she never read that FAMOUS (at least among black folks) poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar? Has she never watched the Dave Chappelle Show? ANY black comedians--I can think of at least five comedy bits about the fact that many of us have to switch it up when we are at work. The Sugar in the boardroom is not the same Sugar when I'm in the comfort of my own home.

As I listened to Randi rant and rave about how Oprah must be a fake if she's different from how she is on the show and how blacks who have to switch it up will never get promotions because they act one way at work and then switch it up when they are home, I realized that there was no need in getting my blood pressure worked up any more. There is only one thing I need to do, because her mind will never be changed--and, that is to stop listening to her show.

I call on all of you who listen to it, or even thought about it, to stop doing so as well. The comments today were unacceptable and downright unbelievable. I felt betrayed, hurt, bamboozled and everything in between. Black people struggle enough as it is in this country without some fool getting up on the radio claiming to know how Oprah is when she isn't on the show, when Oprah probably doesn't even know who the fuck she is. I felt like maybe she was trying to use black folks, who hasn't, to garner some publicity for herself for saying something over the top and I thought about not writing this blog post, but I needed to get it off my chest.

It was almost as if Randi didn't even want to acknowledge that Oprah is black. She repeatedly said things like, "Oprah was sounding like a black preacher", "Hillary does it" (she does) "Al Gore does it (he does) and "Now Oprah did it"...what this stupid bitch didn't seem to remember is that Oprah IS black. She isn't acting black!!! I'm trying to temper my swearing as much as I can, because I tend to be hot-headed, but those comments and the revelation that Randi Rhodes is really an ignorant racist has pushed me over the edge.


Obama will get his ass spanked on Super Tuesday and that's just all there is to it. The people of American will send him a clear message--YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THIS. --SUGAR


When I arrived in South Carolina on Friday, I headed straight for the Clinton headquarters in Columbia. I was very pleased to see a wonderful mixture of people of all races, sexes and ages, including some of South Carolina's most powerful Black congressional leaders, preparing for the big day on Saturday.

n light of all of the recent head bumping between the Obama camp and the Clinton camp, I present to you a little ditty that sums it all up because the young whippersnapper, Obama, is in way over his head. I don't think I've ever seen a presidential candidate do more whining than him and it's getting really pitiful.

I hear a lot of whining by Obama supporters (and from him...what a beotch) about Hillary smacking him down with the REZKO information at the debate the other night. But, I keep asking myself, "Have these people taken the time to find out what the REZKO story is all about?"

The information is out there as the big papers in Chicago have been following the REZKO story for some time now. So, if you should so desire to take the the Red Pill and find out the truth about your beloved Obama and just how much of a "change" he'd bring to Washington, click here.


NOW, on to the debate. Obama had the nerve to say something about Hillary "sitting on the Board at Wal-Mart" when that Rezko mess is about to blow up like Mt. Vesuvius!

Congratulations Oprah!! You are an inspiration to many and my true hero. Now, let me go get my resume together... --SUGAR

For the past few days, I've done a great job of tuning out the coverage of the presidential election details, except for visiting the Black Agenda Report, Taylor Marsh and Hillary is 44.

Today, I went to a Montgomery County (MD) for Hillary meeting and it was so refreshing to discover that I'm not the sole negro, besides my mama, supporting Hillary Clinton. I met so many African-Americans who are incensed by the Obama campaign's attempt to paint Hillary and Bill Clinton as racists and the attempt to show that all African-Americans are voting for Obama and anyone who doesn't is a racist or a traitor. In fact, he intends to portray anyone who questions him or points out his flaws as a racist or a traitor.

n the Fox Sunday Morning show this morning, of all places, there was a guy on the program along with Brit Hume, Juan Williams and some lady and he said, "I can't believe I'm actually defending the Clintons, but accusing them of being bigots is just wrong. Is that what you are accusing them of Juan?" I mean, I could see that wild, nearly possessed look in Juan Williams's eyes as he proclaimed that Hillary and Bill were trying to get people to not vote for Obama because he is a black man. The Clintons are no bigots, and anyone who claims such needs their head checked or at least needs to be hooked to some sort of drip to cleanse their blood of the Obama poison.

My main point has been that we have to get the Republicans out of the White House and with his lack of experience, coupled with the fact that he's a Black man, it might be too much of a gamble.

"I guess John Lennon and Yoko Ono were right, Woman is the Nigger of the World." The comment was an observation to the way Hillary Clinton has been being raked over the coals like a piece of hickory in the past few weeks. Well, when I saw that title, "Woman is the Nigger of the World", I just had to check that out. I'm glad I did.

What's in a name? Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's middle name is Diane, Senator McCain's is Sidney and Senator Obama's is Hussein. The contrast is stark, but does that mean Americans should be bullied into thinking that one candidate's name is hands off? From the beginning of this presidential election season, Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-Nairobi) has been handled with the most well-ironed kid gloves of any presidential candidate in my lifetime.

They got angry when those pictures of him looking Hadji from Jonny Quest were posted on Drudge, accusing the Clinton camp of releasing them, even though they'd been on the web for nearly two years before Drudge even posted them. And, which they probably "released" to Drudge themselves in the first place in order to deflect some of the heat warmth, he's been receiving in recent days (finally) due to just a few of the things I mentioned above. Just one bizarre turn after another.

In Islam, it is forbidden to make a depiction of the face of the Prophet Muhammad. In fact, some extremists would have anyone who makes such a depiction, hanged by their toes and beaten with chains...well, I don't know about the toes and chains part, but it sounds about right. I'm all for respecting someone's religion, as I would have anyone respect mine, but is Barack Hussein Obama likening himself to the founder of one of the three great religions in this world by attempting to make his name off-limits?

Obama is a lying,inexperienced, incompetent asshole and those Harry and Louise fliers are deplorable! I think that in her "Shame on you, Barack Obama," declaration, Hillary was also issuing a "shame on you" to the mainstream media as well and they should accept their heap of that fury too. She's good for being as controlled as she was because she would have been well within her right to say, "FUCK YOU

today Taylor Marsh ( has a great write up on Obama's connection to homegrown terrorist William Ayers. Do yourself a favor and read the details of that story. Obama is a bumbling idiot and if by some chance he makes into that ballot in November, he'll be creamed like some corn with that Ayers story.

received a number of phone calls from Obama supporters, including my mom, giddy with delight about the McCain drama...obviously thinking that this means their blessed Savior is now a shoo-in for the Big Chair....I had been keeping the Larry Sinclair story to myself over the past few days but I had to drop the alleged blowjob crack party like it's hot. Trust me they weren't too happy with my revelation. I said to one of my friends, "Yeah. Larry is supposed to take a lie detector test any day now and he's been begging to take one, so he must be telling the truth!"

Also, Google "Rense Interview" and "Larry Sinclair" to listen to an extended version of the story that Sinclair tells. You can also find a link in the comment section of one of the posts here but I'm typing this on a phone so give me a break will ya? Barack Obama is a fraud. --SUGAR

Oh, my GAWD! How in the world did I miss this story in the past week! Some guy named Larry Sinclair claims that back in 1999, he and Barack Obama hooked up and not only did Obama smoke some crack, he let Sinclair give him a blowjob...on more than one occasion. Now, I ain't one to gossip, but this is just too juicy not to post. Sinclair says he is more than willing to take a lie detector test to prove that he's telling the truth.

I'm not even voting for Hillary because she's a woman, but AS A WOMAN, that statement makes me so angry I could scream.

And, file this in the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND category. Michelle Obama, Ms. "Blacks Who Don't Support MyWonderfall_2 Husband Are Psychologically Damaged", damn near killed Stevie Wonder today as she was "guiding" him up some stairs so that he could speak on Obama's behalf. When Stevie got to that podium, you could just tell he was thinking, "This silly bitch was supposed to be helping me NOT to fall and I end up damn near breaking my neck!

Obama is a chameleon and he is a weak, sniveling fraud. He remained a member of Jeremiah Wright's church, listening to Wright blast White folks to no end, even though he is half white himself and was raised by white folks all of his life. What kind of person could do that? Deny their own heritage in order to blend in? There are some deep psychological issues at the heart of all of this and I tell you, I'm not comfortable at all with even the thought of someone who is so unsure of himself being elected to the highest position in this land. Hillary is the only sensible option. --SUGAR

This is my new joint and the words are very appropriate for Hillary Clinton's drive to the White House. I would love to see her come out to her next victory speech with this song playing behind her. Then, she could break out into the bankhead bounce...

Hey Wyoming! Hillary Equals Beef, Obama Equals Sizzle

This is the craziest so -called "progressive " site around. First I like to say hello to Michelle "sugar" Malkin. By the way, let me know what day that you will say something negative about a Repubklan? (calling Barack Republiklan does not count.) Now you are calling him Hussein , Fox and Rupert Murdock trained you well. Are you still going to support McPain if Hillary doesn't win? I going to support a democrat no matter what. Now if Hillary keep bashing Barack, the only Clinton that will be on the ticket will be George Clinton.By the way why are you also homophobic and anti-Islamic ? Keep up the bad work Ms Malkin.

Posted by: kid | March 07, 2008 at 05:04 AM

This is the craziest so -called "progressive " site around."

And yet, for some reason, you.just.keep.coming.back. LMAO Loser. You and Barack Huckabee Obama. Is that better? Barack HUCKABEE Obama? Well, get used to it because that's what he's going to be called around here from now on.

Posted by: SUGAR | March 07, 2008 at 09:56 AM
Barack Hussein Obama is a cancer in the Democratic party. He and his band of thugs have done so much damage to the Party, Hillary is the only at present who can clean up this mess.

Me, me, motherfugging me! Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You've been had people. "Hoodwinked. Bamboozled. Led astray." You didn't land on Barack, Barack landed on you. See, I can steal speeches too. Unless you want John McCain in that White House in January '09, stop fooling around and support Hillary. Do you think this stuff with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Rezko and such is just going to magically disappear? HA! First of all, I keep hearing talk that African-Americans are going to be soooo upset if "Hillary steals the nomination" from Obama, but how absolutely ridiculous. For the 50 millionth time, neither of them will have enough delegates to rightfully claim the nomination, so it will be up to the superdelegates to make the final decision. That decision should not be based on making some folks feel good about themselves. That decision should be about winning the fugging election!

Word is, Barack Obama loves the work of rapper Jay Z. If it's true, that's one thing we share because I like a lot of Jay's music myself. But, I'm not running for president, leader of the free world and Obama apparently loves Jay Z so much, back in January he walked into a gathering of his supporters after the Iowa Caucus while the song "99 Problems" was blasting. Very dumb...and arrogant. The popular hook to the song goes, "I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one." Of course, this was supposed to be aimed at Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama is like a new toy that a child gets for Christmas (or Hannukah, Ramadan, etc. you get the picture).

A moment of clarity for any of you who is still trying to downplay Barack Hussein Obama's connection to homegrown terrorist Bill Ayers. He keeps whining about the fact that anyone is even questioning his relationship with this guy--but he knows it's fair play. He's counting on his numbskull supporters to fight his battle, sending ABC's phones ringing off the hook in hysterical madness at questions about the association, so that he doesn't have to get himself too dirty.

Barack Hussein Obama is dead-weight. It is completely unfair that the Democratic party is going to drag his political dead-weight around for the next few months because even if he makes it onto that November ballot, he's already lost. DEAD. WEIGHT. The R.A.M. (Republican Attack Machine) is hoping his Syrian mobster friend having, homegrown terrorist buddy having, Reverend Wright following, scooped-mouth, never been proud of America in 40+ years wife having self, gets onto that ballot so they can tap dance all over his ass.

nough is enough! The blatant media bias of Hillary Clinton in this presidential primary season has got to stop! Stop mumbling about how you don't think it's been that bad and that Barack Hussein Obama has gotten it worse or just as badly as Hillary because that's a lie!

Larry over at No Quarter started alerting everyone a couple of weeks ago that there is in fact video out there of Michelle "My Belle" Obama going off on "whitey". Yeah, that'll help get him elected...ROTFLMMAO

I swear, I think I'm more afraid of what it would mean if "Old Scoop Mouth" were to become First Lady than I am about what it would mean if Barack Hussein Obama were to become president!

This latest installment from Pastor James David Manning of Atlah Worldwide Ministries in Harlem, N.Y. is very interesting, although I'd be lying if I said this hasn't crossed my mind already. I won't encumber you with more of my ramblings. I present to you, "Hail Hitler, Hail Obama":

nteresting huh? Be wary voters. Be very wary. Don't be fooled into believing John McCain would be a "third Bush term". That's bullshit and the Obamathugs know it. Hillary Clinton didn't lose this primary election season. This was a concerted mishandling and abuse of democratic power and we all need to be mindful of this as we head to the polls in much are you willing to sacrifice for the insane puppet of an insane puppeteer to be handed near ultimate power? --SUGAR

Let's take this shit all the way to Denver! The DNC can try to hand Obama the nomination if they want to, but we don't have to help them. I am absolutely committed to keeping this man out of the White House

Cindy McCain will already be placing an order for new drapes in the Lincoln bedroom.

It's either Hillary in November or McCain. No Hillary as VP either. Why? She's the one who actually did win the majority of cast ballots. She doesn't have friends who bombed the Pentagon and the Capitol building. Friends who claim that the United States created the AIDS virus and such. He does, and the American electorate as a whole is not going to buy his crap. If Obama is the nominee, McCain is president 44. Let's get to work! --SUGAR

He knew that all of the negative shit about him and his connections was out there. He knows that this was his one shot and he was hoping(tm) that he would be able to eek by and get in the White House before it all came out. But, oops! Too late and the selfish motherfucker is about to screw it up for the whole party. One good thing though. If in the end he gets the nomination, despite the fact he doesn't have a gnat's ass of a chance of winning, at least he's running against a Republican we real Democrats can stomach. John McCain. It's either President Hillary Clinton or President John McCain. There will be no President Barack Hussein Obama. At least not in the United States. Kenya, yes. U.S.? No. --SUGAR


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