Monday, June 16, 2008

Oreilly pays respect to Tim Russert

"Don't give me any of this Russert is a blessed guy."
-Bill O'Reilly

"Russert's now on the line. His whole reputation is on the line. If he softballs McClellan, he's done in the business. Russert's finished."
-Bill O'Reilly

"Don't give me, 'he's a noble guy', he's not."
-Bill O'Reilly

"If Fox news ever did what NBC do' doin', in 12 years Fox news has never told me what to say, how to say it and never allowed any of us, ANY of us, to go in the tank and attack 1 Candidate and give the other a pass. ... I gotta' get a little drink. I gotta' calm down."
- Bill O'Reilly


Kellybelle said...

I hope he said that before Friday. OReilly is scary because he makes sense on Wednesdays. I'm serious! You watch and you'll say, "Hm, that makes sense." So you keep watching and before you know it, he's talking loofah madness. I wrote him and he even read two of my letters. He changed the meaning of what I wrote, but he read 'em, lol.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Bill must be suffering from amnesia.