Wednesday, June 11, 2008


McPain thinks he's a Pimp.The voiceover for his commercial,Powers Boothe one of the Pimps in Deadwood.He also played Jim Jones in another movie (not the rapper).They curse more on that show than a Richard Pryor record.As a matter of fact they call women what he call women.I wonder if all those Hillary supporters will like what he calls them.He really do treat women like a Pimp.When he came back from the war,his wife was in a auto accident.her face was disfigured,her arm was broke.She had gained weight.That's right he kicked her to the curb.Then he married a young many of Hillary's former backers (yea,Right)want to support him.Let's see if he treats his supporters the way he treats his wife.

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Kellybelle said...

I'm with you! When I heard McCain dogged his first wife it was over for me.