Thursday, June 26, 2008


Dammit, I knew the Republiklans were behind this!


Christopher said...

I have to admit I'm pretty angry at Obama right about now.

Blame it on:

2. the SCOTUS gun decision
3. donating $4,600 to retire the Borg Queen's campaign debt

Obama had better not piss off the netroots of we can make his life a living hell.

kid said...

Hey Chris I agree with you about the first two.The third at least it wasn't $10 million.I know how you feel. I was pissed when he dissed Rev.Wright,left his church , and the dog whistle at the church Father's Day.Believe me if he's the wrong one we just have to get another one.Now FISA that's almost a get out of jail free card for Shrub and his friends.

kathy said...

While I have always supported Obama,
I believe politics is a dirty game.

I still support him, he's the best choice, and flip flops don't bother me either, it's a sign of someone who is able to change with circumstances.

By the way, Kid, your cartoons are really, really good.

kid said...

Thanks Kathy the check is in the mail.

brotherkomrade said...

I love this cartoon!

kid said...

brotherkomrade, sorry I ran out of checks.