Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My world

In my world a black man is not Hitler, Germans are soul musicians,and everything is on the one.I got to stop looking at negative sites and remember there are cool people in this world(most of them on my blogroll).One thing I recently learned the lyrics to one part of the song I never knew before."As we sit here in a late night cafe with Iggy Pop And David Bowie". They're in the video. It sound as fresh as it did back in the mid 70's.


Kellybelle said...

How old are you? Kraftwerk was my jam! I'm 42. If you were born in March, it will prove that we were seperated at birth!

kid said...

Sorry Virgo

kathy said...

when i left munich (after only one week) somebody on the plane asked me what i thought about the world war II in Germany, and i said i thought that it really wasn't about the people in Germany, it was about man's inhumanity to man. that's what i learned there.

i have to find you some video clips of some really good german films.

take care, Kid