Saturday, June 7, 2008


When me and my friends first became involved in Hip Hop there was one guy that taught us how to market it my boy Malcolm.When I first seen the album cover ,I bought paint and painted my radio graffiti style.This is a white guy from England who understands me.He "invented" punk music.I know it started in America with the Ramones, Talking Heads, at CBCG's.The marketing idea was his.

When I got my copy of Duck Rock , I thought it was a new musical style.He brought "scratchin" to the world. While he was working with the Sex Pistols , he stopped by WBLS in New York. there he met The World Famous Supreme Team, the top DJ's on radio. He brought them back to England and made Duck Rock.He knew the world was more than what you seen outside your window.He got a group of art students that help him record it. They soon became The Art of Noise, and popularize the "beatbox" sound.

Duck Music is music form Western Africa from people Westerners call pygmy's.He took that sound and mix it with square dancing, that song was "Buffalo Gals".The song sounded like Cleveland.You could feel it in your soul.Then he took it a step further.You could be a rebel and still make money.

With the Sex Pistols he made "God Save the Queen" a anti monarchy song.During the Queens celebration he rented a boat and road behind her boat while the band played.He made money , the band made money and and attacked the monarchy.He gotten the formula from a French existentialist, its literally biting the hand that feed you.Puffy , Russell Simmons, Suge Knight , and Dr. Dre used his marketing techniques.The part they all forget about was the activism.Make your money but pull some people up.Protest and progress.

Well here at Pirate Satellite that 's what I'm gonna do.McPain is McMoney.T-shirts, hats, jackets,do it. Get your revolution on while at the same time get paid.Take my idea and run with it.If you do better than me that means Sen.Obama is President.Malcolm Mclaren started with ripped T shirts, and now he is a fashion line.Profit but protest.BTW, some of my shirts will have Crazy Larry on them. A elephant never forgets , neither does a rebel. To quote Chuck D, "I'm a rebel and I rebel".Later.


Kellybelle said...

Great post! I love Malcolm McClaren. He did Buffalo Gals and Madame Butterfly too, didn't he? Cheeky fellow, as the Brits say. Where is there in Cleveland for eclectic music like this?

Kellybelle said...

Is your blg name from that song RadioClash by the Clash?

kid said...

Aye matie, 'tis true.Arggh,Arrgh.

Neo Rude said...


im from cleveland as well, i really dig your music taste, its that 80s cleveland eclectic sound. im still into all this today and drop it on kids at clubs.

good blog, i will keep reading.