Wednesday, June 25, 2008


OK Dennis, this is the second time this year that he mentioned race. The first was his speech in Philadelphia, the second when his Mother Fucking family is attacked by bitches like you and O'reilly.Does it feel good Mr.Miller to go after two little girls and his wife punk.Now I will say what he can't say since he's running for President.All you racist go straight to Mother Fucking hell. Yea Dennis I know you have been having a hard time trying to tell jokes since A. Whitney Brown doesn't write for you anymore.

All your resume says now is former Saturday Night Live ex-Star, future Prick.Let's see you want him to be quiet while you call him Nigger, it ain't gonna work.It seems like the only black you like is the Just for Men you FINALLY decided to put in your Uncle Jed Hillbilly styled beard.Recently a great comedian left us ,you weren't it. To quote the club owner in Purple Rain no one understand your shit but you.You're the only one to laugh at your jokes.So why don't you be a man and get your head out of Bill Oreilly's ass and stop being a punk.

Granny,Chris,Kelly, and E sorry that's not usually me, you all know that already.


Kellybelle said...

Sometimes you just have to let it out. I understand. Dennis Miller is the worst. He used to be--or I guess his writers were-- good at picking out society's hypocrisy. Now that he's all FOX News, he's just lame. And you know he switched over because of the war on terror. That's bitch ass.

kid said...

My word Kelly such language !You're picking up bad habits from that Shorty Mack character. said...

Hey there Kid! {waves}

Thank you for visiting my blog!

From your online moniker, I thought you were a KID! *LOL*

Thank you for this post. I haven't seen all of the images that you displayed but I expect them to get much, much worse as Obama gets closer and closer to Pennsylvania Avenue....

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

kid said...

From yours I thought you played in Prince's band.I like your blog. Come by and visit more.