Monday, June 23, 2008

How dumb can you get ?

Where do I start?What you see here is posted at NoQuarter a anti Obama site.The organization is called P.U.M.A. it stands for Party Unity My Ass.Now they have the DNC logo on their clothing.It looks like the Nike swoosh, and its being sold by PUMA.The Nike and Puma clothing lines will both sue yo ass.Boy repupliklans are dumb.It seems like they're trying to help Obama get elected.Now they starting a free Larry Sinclair site.This is the guy that said he had sex with the senator.He made older accusations against the Clintons . Yes the Republiklans are running out of crackpots.Here's something else that's funny. They had a link to a African Americans against Obama site.Guess how many members they had 3.Out of the more than 33 million blacks in the U.S. they got 3.Boy this is too easy. Try again boys.Humm, the company is called DeMcCrat, I wonder who they support for president ? Remember these are pro-Hillary people,wink wink.


brotherkomrade said...

I added you to my blogroll

kid said...

Thanks will do the McSame.

brotherkomrade said...

Here is how dumb, Kid. The PUMA and so-called "Blacks for Obama", the tin-hat wearers at No Quarter are nothing more than either Republicans who are trying to push the centrists of the Democrat party to the right, or they are Democratic centrists to begin with who have been outed more and more by their own hatred towards the more progressive elements of the Democratic party (not including Obama in that group, but bear with me.).
Obama is a centrist as well, but has some progressive/left connections unlike Hils and the other guys.

These centrists who are embracing Mccain should not be attacked for leaving, but if anything encouraged. Their self-imposed exodus shows two things; that the American middle class are those who vote with their check books and that they are reactionary like the middle class of Banana Republics who will allow death squads to spy and murder dissenters as long as they get to live in gated suburbs and eat McDonald's.
And two, they were probably right-wingers all along. If these people were progressives, feminists, or whatever, they would leave the Dems and joins the green, but they aren't are they?

These Centrists will be the new wave of the American Right-wing and that's ok. Obama can lose in '08, or even in '12 if he wants to run, but what's really importantly is that we replace the centrists by growing the the left-wing within the democratic party. It can be done with aggressive recruiting in the real world as well as online.
The politicians on the right who the PUMA moon-bats support will have zero answers to a failing economy and never-ending wars, and disappearing jobs, but a strong leftists democratic party should be there to provide those answers.

brotherkomrade said...

I meant to say how dumb THEY are.

gigglechick said...

um... how dumb can YOU get, actually?

the company is NOT called DeMcCrat. that is a logo I created. (And it's selling quite well.)

The company is Gigglechick Interactive.