Thursday, June 12, 2008


Here's a man, a US Senator running for President of the United States and this is the respect he gets.The "fist bump" was a al Qaeda secret hand shake.Now the ghetto jokes.Kind of OT but A&E want to put their highest rated show back on the air, Dog the Brother Hunter..Oops the Bounty Hunter.People seem to forgot when Klannity and two of my "Uncles" help him out.I going to get two birds with one stone.More Harold "Hal" Turner articles featuring Klannity, and the Atomic Dog remix featuring Dog the Neo Nazi,anti semitic,murdering,racist,bounty hunter.

Hat tip to Cali Tejano.


enigma4ever said...

man ...don't get me is going to be a long hot summer...Michelle Obama- the classiest woman that we have had on the campaign trail in MANY years and they do this shit.....

( yeah, and they treat the Beer Baroness like royalty- and she is not....she is a class...)

Wonder Man said...

I can't wait to see more of this madness. Because after elections are over, it will be a test to us if we are ready for a black president