Friday, June 27, 2008


If you go to P.U.M.A.'s website you will see the most racist hate speech you ever seen.Some of my friends are Hillary supporters,you don't believe me look at my blogroll. These people are PAID to act this dumb.The shows you will see them on are all on FOX.BTW, Hillary IS SUPPORTING SEN.OBAMA, but they want Hillary or McPain.Hillary lost. Does it make sense to you ?


Kellybelle said...

I can't bring myself to go to PUMA's website. McCain's thinking about Bobby Jindal from Louisiana--talk about two who will really pack the Supreme Court with folks who will make things rough. I wish dems could get it together and just laser in on the winning the White House.

Christopher said...

Great cartoon!

The Hillbots are whack, dude. Totally whack.

But I have to say, I've encountered more than a few Obamaholics who are just as crazy.

kathy said...

Maybe it's just from my perspective,
but it seems to me that Senator Clinton's supporters are over the top crazy. They make up lies and
outrageous statements as well.

Hillis44 tagged Obama as "scum",
other sites compare Obama to Hitler,
they called Michelle an ugly gorilla,
they constantly spread lies about his birth and citizenship.
They are nuts!

kid said...

Kelly: Check out PUMA's site and tell me what you see.

Chris:Yea Chris those crazy Obamaholics there are two of them you and me HaHa.

Kathy: If you scroll down you will see the Obama is Hitler shirt.Origiinally I was a Kucinich guy since I'm from Cleveland.Then Richardson because a black man couldn't be President. then the Kennedy's got behind him and that's when the stuff hit the fan.Like I said in the 'toon those are stelth republiklans.