Wednesday, June 18, 2008


A&E do you really find the racial slurs that your 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' star uses, to be acceptable?

If not, why are you re-airing his show when you originally took it off of the air in a claim that you would not stand for racism?

We are diverse people. We are insulted by that, and we are watching.

Read The Press Release

If you are a person of any culture who is tired of both overt and covert racism/disrespect in media please make your voice is heard on this issue.
Remember how you felt when you first heard this, and if this is your first time hearing this, how do you feel about it?

Your voice can make a difference.

Please take 15 minutes to repost this action on your blog today, make a call or send a letter to the companies below, or to the companies of your choice below if you only wish to reach out to a few, and be prepared to act again if there isn't a sufficient response this outcry.

From AAC's Yobachi Boswell:

Tell programming executive’s at A&E that their support of someone with such demeaning views is unacceptable. We’ve also identified some advertisers that we need to put focused intensity and contact.

A&E VPs of Programing,,

Travelocity Public Relations:
Vollmer Public Relations
Amanda Borichevsky


Tylenol- Online contact form

At&T- Online contact form for customers

Red Bull Energy Drinks- Online contact info
+1 (310) 393-4647 Online contact form
(877) 647-6278

All State Insurance-Online contact form

LG HD T.V’s- Online contact form
(800) 243-0000

Dell Computers- Online contact form

Nintendo- Online contact form


Share your voice and url with on a list of protest participants.
Your voice is powerful. You can influence change.


Christopher said...

I have only seen about 30 minutes of one of the programs with Trailer Park Dog and his big tittied Heffa of a wife. They just grossed me out.

I'm coming up on forty next March and I'm very protective of the time I have left on this earth.

Spending any of it with these two cretins just isn't happening.

kid said...

I know what U mean.they STILL want him to have a TV show.