Wednesday, June 4, 2008


No I'm not crazy or a Tom , this is how she would get in.

1. Do a special speech on race,and say how racist you were in Pennsylvania.You did everything but burn a cross.You were phoney as hell .Getting drunk, talking about hunting and for what , to appeal to racist.

2. Apologize to Rev.Jeremiah Wright. This Veteran got death threats because of you.You never heard a sermon like that, ministers that went to college do it all the time , the effect is called a Device.He had you and your sorry ass husbands backs when your family was hurting.Also apologize to Father Michael Pleger,for telling the Mother Fucking truth about your selfish ass.BTW, the new minister Otis Moss III, his father used to march with a guy named Martin Luther King.His son get death threats just because he's the new minister,thanks Hillary.

3. Apologize to ALL Americans in particularly Blacks. My mother went through Jim Crow so that you racist ass can call US Nigger. You has Stephannie Tubbs-Jones call me one,Bob Johnson call me one then some sorry old ass lady call me one that I voted for before. She even said that I had it easy because I'm black.I think she works for Fox now, the station that treats you fair, Hillary please !

4.Tell Fox you don't need help from those racist.Not Sean Hannity or his anti-semitic bomber friend , Bill O'reilly or his sexual molesting self.Tell the American people that there is no MSM . That white people control everything and you're greedy and hate to share sh!t.

5. Tell them why Sen.Barack Obama could not respond to you. He could not bring up race, but you and Fox and the MSM can.He couldn't call you out of your name , but you could do that to him.

6. Have your husband apologize. We considered him a honorary black, but in reality he was bush lite. Now blacks have a choice. I was going to vote for you ,but when I see the whole USA call me Nigger and you stand there and giggle I said fuck you.Yes you are a woman but my moms a black woman and below that's me NIGGER. You do this it would be good for a start, but when I see little old black ladies from the south look at you every day on TV and get madder and madder I don't know what's up. You're in league with O'reilly, Limbaugh,Hannity ,Beck ,Medved, and every other bigot that want me dead.

7. Tell Sen.Obama you're sorry.Tell his family that your new friend Oreilly that wants to hang his wife, but not just yet is a bitch.Tell Michelle you're deeply sorry.Tell his two daughters you're sorry about the poster of their mother being lynch and branded. Tell the Senator you are deeply sorry for the poster of the rifle cross hairs.Apologize about the Robert F.Kennedy SNAFU. Tell Harriet Christian to go straight fuck herself .Tell the racist at No Quarter and Hillary is 44 to go straight to hell.



That Girl Boo said...

this reminds my of Dave Chappelle skit of White Power, ha ha ha

kid said...

Love U boo. Take it easy take it slow ,tell them Kid told you so.

Christopher said...

I'm gay, white and further to the left than a Sandinista and I LOVE my man, Barack Obama.

However, if he fucks up and puts the Borg Queen on his ticket as veep, I don't know if I can vote for him in November.

I'm just not there yet. I won't vote for Old Mr. Morton but I could just sit out the election and not vote for anyone.

This is how much I detest the Hillary monster.

kid said...

As Prince and Chaka said I feel for you, I think I love you.Oops well you know what I mean. I love you like a MF brother, you know that. Peace

enigma4ever said...

well....she FINALLY conceded she needs to lie low- and the press needs to keep throwing her in our face as VP...I don't know a soul that wants her on the ticket....

( and yes, if he picks her I will indeed be ILL...I don't think he will- he said that he is picking someone he can work with it is an important decision..the other thing he hates- DRAMA.....and we all know that is Hill's middle name...)

Kellybelle said...

I'm torn. Torn. Mr. Belle says if Hills is the VP I have to renounce Barack or I'm a hypocrite. Because I could not stand Hillary. Also, it would further prove it's just a game.Sigh.