Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From Little Green Footballs

The photo above is from a site called Shakesville (they're cool) the doll is being sold in Utah.I don't have to tell you who it is ?

This is from a "conservative" blog, what do you think ? :

American Jewess In Jerusalem 6/11/08 10:36:31 pm reply quote 0

When the 5 black thugs tortured and murdered Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome last year, I started doing a Google search on their names. Virtually NO ONE was talking about it, and there was a media blackout on the story, but the one place where you could find info was on Vanguard and the other white supremicist sites. I had never been to those sites before and I was pretty shocked and sickened. Everything comes back to the evil Jew and the Jew Media, by the way, "cause niggers is too stupid to do this stuff on their own." I had never even read such stuff in my life! They have pictures up of Nazis hanging Jews and of KKKers hanging blacks. I guess I had never seen such ignorance on display in my life, not to mention the evil. Judging from the content of some of the posts, I marveled that such people even knew how to read and write.

I agree that political correctness has gotten us into a terrible position where we ignore black on white crime (as in the Christian and Newsome murders) for fear of stoking racial tensions, but I hadn't realized before how hard the KKKers were taking it.

Unfortunately, or maybe not so unfortunately, I think the Obama candidacy is going to continue to bring racial tensions to a head in our country. I don't know how events will unfold or even if it will all ultimately be very mild in the end. But we can be sure that if he fails, there will be cries of white racism, and if he wins, there will be cries of black racism.

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