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This is from the Ohio Daily Blog:

The Wingnuts Are Absolutely Losing It!
Submitted by Paul on Wed, 10/15/2008 - 8:59pm.

And when Michelle Malkin is your voice of reason, you know you've gone around the bend.

It seems that on Monday a minor firestorm flew around the lessor right wing radio shows (and apparently viral emails) about an "Obama flag". It seems that Obama on Monday spoke and behind him was American flags, plus other flags that had the Obama "O" symbol on it. They were calling it the "Obama Flag".

Here is one comment on

Clendon writes: Wednesday, October, 15, 2008 10:59 AM

American Flag

At an Ohio campaign stop last week Obama gave a speech with a background of American flags which is quite common. However, if you look closely some of the flags are not American flags. The blue field has been changed to show an Obama seal. Yes, there are also stars but have no pattern and they do not add up to 50.

With Obama making his own seal and now this it looks like maybe he is putting some credence to the recent article by Stanley Kurtz in the National Review. Is he planning on creating an African county within the US.

I think the presence of these flags should be viewed with alarm. And I don't want to hear any looney left comments that they are only decoration. They ARE a modification of the American Flag.

And then there is this on Free Republic:

I was just watching the Greta Van Sustren interview with Steve Forbes. They watched a video of B. Hussein and at 10:08 he was shown at a podium infront of four flags, two were clearly American flags, but what the hell were the other two? I shocked to think that it looks like he has come up with HIS OWN VERSION of the American flag!!!! Take a look at them, they have that same look as his Presidential seal, or his calipso louie logo, they look like some third world verion/ cuban flovored version of the Stars and Stripes. Maybe someone can go back and find it to post. I don't have the computer skills. UNBELIEVABLE is all I can say.

And this as well:

Did anyone catch the flags in the press conference Obama held today?
You know when the president has a press conference with another nation and they alternate the flags: U.S., other country, U.S., other country, etc., all in a row behind the leaders of the countries speaking at the podium?

I watched the news just now and the flags Obama had behind his podium were strange. There were some American flags, but alternated with them was another kind of flag. It looked like an American flag but it had a big circle in the field of blue, and it looked suspiciously like his symbol (which I always thought looked like the Pepsi symbol). You know, the one he formerly had on his seal?

Did anyone else catch it?


Cue Michelle Malkin in the uncommon role of common sense:

I received several e-mails today from readers complaining about Barack Obama’s backdrop in Toledo today. Apparently, some talk show hosts have also gone ballistic over what they think is an “Obama flag:”

Relax, folks. That’s not an “Obama flag.” It’s the state flag of Ohio

These people aren't going to make it until Nov 4th. Their heads will absolutely explode!

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