Thursday, October 2, 2008

McPain cut and run from Michigan, needs help from Ohio State.


(CNN) — A senior McCain adviser confirms to CNN that the campaign is "shifting resources" from Michigan to Ohio and Pennsylvania, and "opening up an offensive front” in Maine.

Michigan was always a long shot for John McCain, who lost the state to native son Mitt Romney in the Republican primary. A Republican presidential candidate hasn’t won there in two decades, since George H.W. Bush’s 1988 victory. But McCain had a surprisingly close showing in some polls, and made a significant time investment campaigning in the state this year.

The most recent CNN poll of polls in Michigan shows Obama with an 8 point lead in the state. (View more state polls)

Macomb County – home of the original Reagan Democrats — was one of the first stops for McCain and running mate Sarah Palin on their post-convention tour of battleground states; they held a town hall in Grand Rapids two weeks ago. (McCain lost Macomb County to Romney by more than 20 points)

Local republican officials told CNN they were thrilled to have Palin on the ticket, saying her accent and love for guns made her someone independents and Democrats uncomfortable with Obama could relate to.

But nowhere does the economy loom larger as an issue than in this hard-hit industrial state, suffering from a decade-long slump. The Obama campaign has tried to capitalize on the Democratic nominee’s polling advantage on the issue, running ads in the state that accuse McCain of not doing more to protect Michigan jobs. (Related: Obama stumps in Michigan Thursday)

As the campaign pulls resources from Michigan, it is ramping up its efforts in Maine, where Republican Senator Susan Collins is beating national trends in her re-election bid, holding a healthy double-digit lead, along with with a strong organization in the state.

A second McCain aide says that their polling shows that “Michigan isn’t even a long shot” — but the campaign is hoping to capture at least one of Maine’s 4 electoral votes, which are designated by congressional district. This year, "every electoral vote will count," says the aide.


kathy said...

Hi Kid,
I have been following the electoral map for a while, when all the leaning states are removed, Obama has been in the lead for a while now.

Look who's waving the white flag of defeat now, ha ha!

kid said...

If the republiklans are skipping Meechigan,(that how we say it in Ohio)then you know that the stuff hit the fan.

OT , you're right about Malkin she's a racist but you don't have to be racist toward her to show her shortcomings.Just like Tammy Bruce is a gay republiklan,but her problem isn't being gay its being republiklan.Have a nice vacation.

Another thing what's the name of the song that sound like "moments in love" you never told me.

kathy said...

My vacation got cut short, somebody redid my toondoo with a big f.u. on it.
I was more mad at myself for not saying anything about MuyMalkin, she's a piece of shit, but I hate it when people slam a people, especially that kind of sleazy slamming, instead of the person.
And your explanation hits the nail on the head, thanks.

kathy said...

Kid, I can't remember the name of that song, I been losing a lot of things lately, my glasses, my check book. It was a magic moment in time.
I want to post that vid you put up though over the weekend. I love it.

kid said...

Sorry about your vacation, take care . About your toondoo you can put up a do not redo restriction on it, later.

Wonder Man said...

McCain's toast

kid said...

Hey Wonder Man wot's up dog?