Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bucket Brigade

\bucket brigade\

Bill we all know that you carry the water for Sarah Palin.


kathy said...

The Palin Shovel.

kid said...

Hey Kathy how it going ?

kathy said...

Did I tell you about my trip to Saturday Night live? It was awesome, best seats in the house, got to watch Tina Fey and Sarah do the debates live.

Alls good with me, how's bout you.

I was thinking of writing a post about one of yours on Prince, if I do, I'll let ya know. It was the one you wrote about white people voting for Obama, it drew me to your blog, tell ya the truth.


have a good one.

kid said...

Glad you had fun on SNL.About reposting , sure go ahead.I don't mind.Have a good one,OK.

kathy said...

the toondoos are gone again, even here at your site. i was gonna leave you a message there, but it's not workn.

listen, i hope everythings alright with you, look to my sidebar if you want to drop a line.

kid said...

Thanks Kathy,its looks like it working again.