Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey Joe Sixpack KISS MY ASS !!!!!

Had a problem printing this with the original punchline.I think there is some malware problem at toondoo.But I can put the punchline here at good ole' Pirate Satellite.I think the guy's a plant.Hey Joe the Plumber,you'll be a millionaire in four years,hey Joe KISS MY ASS!!!


kathy said...

Toondoo left a message on my blog.
They said they are having a problem,
with some updates.

kid said...

I seen the message that meera left for you, she's a sweet person from what I can tell.

Hey Kathy was that guy a plant or a plant? How phony are they?The guy really makes only $30,000.00 a year.He's not even a registered voter.They got a wiki page on HIS LIFE already.

Good news on local news 70% Obama won,20% McCain.They would have done better if he kept Lieberman as his running mate.

kathy said...

More toilet work from McCain, he's trying to turn tax breaks into re-distribution of wealth to scare people. I didn't know that there was a wiki page on that sewer plant.

There's a local neocon newspaper, and the comments from the public are really good, I am going to post some of them.
However, my kid's been told at school that O is a terrorist and gay, so I guess the kids have seen that toothless crackhead on u/tube.

And yeah, that was really nice of Meera.