Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brillante Award

I have to thank KellyBelle and Cali Tejano 2.0 for giving me a Brillante weblog award.

As part of the award, I must to do the following:

1. Put the logo on your blog(I can't do that because I can't post still photos because of the malware.)
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Add links to those blogs on yours
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

In no particular order of preference, here’s who I’m selecting for this award:

* Hillblogger-I got the McC**t video from him.You may not believe this but Bill Oreilly has pissed off this guy in two languages French and English(he's bilinigual). What sad is that he knows more about American politics than everyone at FOX.
* Watergate Summer- When I first went to her blog you forget you're blogging and think you're in a Coffee Shop.See the cat in the corner by the radiator? It has that feel.She has a good heart and really cares about the world.
* Maybe its just me...- We both love the same things...comic books !But I'm a more MAD Magazine king of guy. One thing he still haven't told me , if the letter from the Wilson sisters of Heart is real. Check it out it's really funny.
* From the Left-I consider him a real journalist. He would get stuff before the TV would.I consider him a friend...seriously.
* TransGriot-Monica blog concerns GLTB issue in the African American community and she can get in contact with politicians with the quickness.Ten bonus point on being a Maggot and a Funkateer(it's a P-Funk thang). Twelve more for riding the "Mothership"
* Kathy At Cognitive Continuity-I have fun blogging with her.When she goes off on someone they really deserve it.She also very funny and artistic.She has a beautiful heart and can write the sweetest poems.Hey Kathy do you have a twin sister I could...that's OK,bad Kid.
* KellyBelle at Ephpatha(Couldn't you have made it a easier word to spell?)- She's a C-Town sister just like Enigma. Mental Health issue are her forte.I can honestly say that I know everything about her.That takes some guts to put your personal stuff on a blog. I could never do that. Look into her past blogs for her Samuel L.Jackson parody, you will pee on yourself. Ten points for us being paisan. Five points off for encouraging my mother to blog,well that's kind of cool, but she wants me to type it.
* Cali Tejano 2.0-What can I say. His blog has sports, politics,gossip and adult erotica ?Naw no pictures, just the writings.It hard to think stuff up about the guy, he's cool and my friend.

Congratulations to everyone .


enigma4ever said...

ahhhh thank you..that is so

kid said...

Hey as far as I'm concerned , you are part of the Afrospear.Hey you're my friend too. You taught me how to think more outside the box.when I have more time I will check out your other 40 blogs.Just playing you only have 37.Many memebers of the Afrospear view your blog.You really impressed them, but hey I know you got it going on like that, later.

kathy said...

Thanks you so much for this, and also for teaching me the toondoos, I love your humor, and musical knowledge. And most of all, thanks for the encouragement, you are such a good spirit, you have a big heart yourself! I do have a twin, but she's invisible.

kid said...

As long as she can jump the broom.If I didn't have malware on this I would be posting at your blog.When I find some one I hope she's as beautiful as you... on the inside.Kathy you're beautiful, really.I glad I found a way to talk to my friends, and not let fools stop me.You love me more than my mother(you know what I mean). You got my back, thanks.Wasn't it fun when we kept bloging the mess out of each other.

kid said...

You know what's real cool about this , I DON'T KNOW WHAT RACE YOU ARE.AND I DON'T CARE.You can't do that on Greta's site.Hell I never ask.I wanted to add this to your Brillante Award. If I was gong to a gang fight ,I would have to bring you.I 'm a real peaceful guy.

Christopher said...


You are something else!

Thanks from the heart and back at cha'!


kid said...

Hey Chris I meant it.