Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birmingham 2.0

I just sent this to FOX and fiends.They said on the air they wanted policemen stationed at the polls to monitor voter fraud.That's voter intimidation.They need to be stationed at FOX. ACORN not doing this FOX is.

You bunch of election rigging punks. Fox will not make one cent off the backs of the Cleveland community.I will call the FBI and tell them that on national television Bill Sammon said he seen voter fraud in Cleveland. We all know that FOX is doing this.The world and the black community HATES FOX.BTW, BLACK PEOPLE DON’T RIG VOTES,FOX AND FRIENDS DO.I Will contact Sammon’s former paper (Plain Dealer) and ask Connie Schultz to contact her husband Sharrod Brown and see if anyone at FOX should be thrown in jail. You also committed voter intimidation live on the air. MY MOTHER USED TO WORK FOR BULL CONNOR’S IN ALABAMA!!!We don’t play that . I will see that Fox news channel and the local station loses its license. If Sen .Obama win it’s the same deal.YOU ALL ARE RACIST BIGOTS.

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