Friday, October 10, 2008

Fake Brother

I know some brothers that are voting republiklan,but they would never put their life in danger by going on television and saying it.Fox you need to get better plants.

This reminds me of the sister that was on Oreilly's show for PUMA . She was shaking and holding a sign upside down saying "Barack Obama is a racist".You need more rehearsal time.


Kellybelle said...

All this political treachery is making me weak. But McCain showed a smdgen of humanity today

Tim Gunter said...

This guy was asking McCain that question amongst a crowd of supporters who were yelling "terrorist" and "kill him" in reference to Obama. It's mystery why he would support the GOP. Now that all of that anger and negative vibes became more prevalent in the McCain-Palin campaign and hurting him in the polls, John McCain had to tone it back down with possibly admitting to defeat. "No, Obama is not an Arab terrorist. He is a fine, family man." Or "No, young man, you would have nothing to fear from an Obama presidency." To McCain's discredit, he attracted the lowest common denominator, enraging fear and anger among those who are ignorant and act like Limbaugh dittoheads. These folks are scary to me. They cling to their radios, listening to Hannity, Limbaugh, etc., and take marching orders from them. I have seen the movie "Hotel Rwanda." Hutus would take marching orders from their leaders spitting out hatred towards the Tutsis from the radio. When they were told to go out and kill the Tutsis, they did so. That crowd who are going to the McCain rallies remind me of that movie. Only differences are that they are of a much lighter skin color in gereral and they don't appear to hold any weapons except for their signs.

kathy said...

This guy is a paid consultant, he has a side business from the radio job, the "I am begging" sounds so fake and contrived, his face is on the latest box of summers' eve.

kid said...

Dag Kathy you're gittin' raw.Your sidebar,you didn't have to tell anyone what you are.Didn't matter to me.When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

Kelly, watch out for ACORN .These people are trained by lawyers, they have sense.THOSE ARE FOX PLANTS.They been working that angle about the 40oz FOR THREE MONTHS.

Tim, I hope at one of McPain's rallies,someone says the magic word...the N-word.Fox can't get lipstick off that pig.The whole world knows that America is full of it.

Tim Gunter said...

I am waiting for them to say something. I am waiting for Palin to say "git-ur-dun." She could slip out the notorious word before McSame McPain will. BTW, ACORN runs a radio station in Little Rock, KABF 88.3. They stayed on the air begging for money.