Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We all know you're doing this.You did it last time.


Anonymous said...

I like this!

kathy said...

Hi Kid,
I got your message, but I can't get on Toondoo, and they deleted and restricted some of them, too. They could have a least told me.

Somebody was telling Rachel Maddow how she and her humor were inflamatory, then we get to watch somebody on CNN call Jesse Jackson "mr. I have scheme." It's crazy.

This election is ripping it all wide open.

I didn't get a change to watch the funk yet, be back later.


kid said...

Rachel is my girl. Compared to Olbermann she's a real journalist.No disrespect to Keith but she will let conservatives on her show,she may tear them a new one but she's the one that's really FAIR AND BALANCED.Did you see Olbermann get serious about Oreilly the other day?Then he got on McCain and told him to QUIT, that was too deep for me.At this time Keith can't be the "real" journalist(remember"flag pin Stephanopolis").He exist because he's the "anti-Oreilly", he's also funny to bet ya.

About the music I haven't heard the 72' version of "Cosmic Slop"yet. I am familiar with the other versions.If you like "Maggot Brain" you're gonna love this.It's about a son hearing his prostitute mother pray about her life. A lot of what they did was funny, some of it deep.

Tim Gunter said...

I like Rachel. She is a true journalist. Keith is a sports guy and I consider him a colunmist or an opinion maker when it comes to news. I do see him on NFL on NBC on Sunday night. The comment he made late night was def and dope. He went beyond asking McCain to control his campaign. Quitting is something McCain won't do.

kid said...

Hey Tim,

There's no such thing as the MSM only Fox and the so called media, that's it.That why the "journalist" should drop the phony charade, and say FOX is tore up from the floor up.After that Tuesday in November, there will be no FOX News.

kathy said...

Hey didn't they fire Olberman from his job as anchor? It was on the msnbc website, but I didn't see anything really change, but he was in hot water with them.
You fooled me with the one video, thought it was Prince at first, I read that Prince moved in with his family.
Gotta take a look at Cosmic Slop.

Did you like the Fairy Tale or is that music too fluffy for you?

kid said...

Hey Kathy,

I don't know what's up with your toondoos.You didn't do anything wrong. You are getting a lot of hits.If you want to curse on your toondoo put a do not show to the public restriction on it.Then post it to your site, some of my cartoons you can only see here.

I see that you got the e-mail from brave new films too.I will post it later.

I will look at "fairy tale" and give you my homework report on it.

Hey thanks for making me feel good too.(You made me blush too, and that's hard to do)

kid said...


Your toondoo site is OK.I checked it out.I checked out Olbermann, he's still at MSNBC.Are you watching Fox again?Just Playin'.

kathy said...

That was awhile ago, I forget what Olberman did, I saw it at huffpo, and it was on the msnbc website, but then nothing ever happend.

I will try one more time to get on the toondoo site and see if I can fix it.