Friday, May 2, 2008

Yes The Riddem ,The Rebel ,Without Applause.

People want to know why don't he stop talking ?Well thanks to Sean Klannity and Bull Oreilly he's getting death threats.He STILL backs Sen Obama. All of those gun and God voters that Hillary pandered to want him dead for telling the truth.Now is the best time to respond,before the election would be a disaster. Guess who booked him at the press conference,one of Hillary's people.First I would like to thank the blog From the Left for the information.On February 14th,2008 Rev.Barbara Reynolds a Hillary supporter posted a blog called HOPE. Sounds familiar? She book the press confrence Rev.Wright was at.Notice all the anti-Obama questions that were ask.Sen.Obama didn't say anything about it to the press.Well sooner or later the truth will come out.

BTW, he looks and sound like my former minister Rev.Henry J. Payden, the guy who baptise Mike Tyson.

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