Tuesday, May 13, 2008

By all this Bullshit going down.

This is a example of cultlike behavior.These are the followers of Taylor Marsh a fake Hillary supporter and probably a McCain operative.If you put anything negative of Hillary on their blog they will delete it.The blogger at the top Sugar told me I wasn't Black, that I was obsessed with Sen.Obama. Sorry I don't write song about him but you,... well. I like some negative feedback, but to be stuck in lala land that's messed up. Here are the writings of her friend Uppity.

I know we are always picking on Barry because we keep asking silly things such as:

What about your domestic terrorist friends?

What About Your Interesting Friends in the Middle East?

What about your religious affiliations?

Where did that $200,000,000 in contributions really come from?

What's with the flag salute problem?

Who are you exactly?

We are just so snotty, tenacious and rude that way. Are we grateful that this Great Man JFK RFK MLK FDR Barack Obama even bothers to waste his precious time running for President of our trivial country? Nope! We just keep bothering the Incandescent One with our really silly, irrelevant self-serving questions. It's just really presumptuous and precocious on our part to question Him this way. So, after I got to feeling kind of embarrassed and ashamed at my own audacity and persistence, I decided it would be best to get answers to these silly questions myself like I am supposed to. That way, I won't be bothering The One.

I did find some answers to the question, "What are Barack Obama's Accomplishments?" and thought I would share that information here.

PS: she just jealous that all Hillary has is a crackpipe, not a HOPE BONG.

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