Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hillary stop making MOUNTAINS out of molehills.

Special Commentator: Cali Tejano

Five electoral votes. 1.85% of the total amount of electoral votes needed to win the 2008 presidential election. That's what Hillary Clinton and her supporters are basing her electability on. How absurd is that?

Leave it to the Clintonistas to make a mountain out of a hill the size of some teenager's pus-filled zit because what happens in West Virginia tonight won't matter in the general election. To prove my point, let's say Hillary beats Obama by a forty point margin tonight. According to CNN's Delegate Counter Calculator, if Hillary wins by 70-30, she will have a net gain of 12 delegates. Or about how many unpledged superdelegates Barack Obama nets in a span of forty-eight hours. That's it.

I don't understand why Hillary and her supporters are making a big deal out of the fact that with the exception of her husband that a Democrat hasn't won the Presidency without carrying West Virginia since 1916. Do any of you know what Woodrow Wilson's campaign slogan was in 1916? "He kept us out of the war". Does that sound familiar? Barack Obama voted to keep us out of the war, and with the coalition of supporters he's got in his corner he can overcome a loss of five electoral votes in a state that's 95% white and will likely vote for the Republican nominee anyway.

West Virginia, to paraphrase one of my favorite movie lines by Vin Diesel, "We don't need your vote. But we appreciate it." Now you can either get on board the Obama Express™ and ride with us to victory, or get left behind at the station because no matter how you vote, we WILL have our first black President-elect in November.

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Christopher said...

The Borg Queen looks like she wants to fall, face first into those big 34D cups.

But then I don't buy the belief that Hillary is straight.

Not that there is anything wrong with it.