Wednesday, May 28, 2008



Is this the best they can get on him ? He called two women sweetie twice.While that's not enough to get you suspended from the Alan Alda fan club, the republicans think it's enough to lose the election.Now we know that when a woman is rude to him like Peggy Agar ,he call her sweetie.We know what McCain calls his wife, the C-word.So he called her sweetie,I think Miss Agar should be glad he didn't call her Benny Hill.Also he apologized to her,but she played the recording on television.Should have known she worked for WXYZ TV, an Detroit ABC affiliate.

Now they trying to parse his words. He said a relative liberated Auschwitz,well he was wrong , it was Buchenwald.Hey Kowboy Klannity Kostello, is that the best you can do?He made a faux pas , and you try to blow it up as if it was something major.Hey Klannity if at first you don't succeed trying to lie,try try again.


kathy said...

i went to munich in the ninety and ran into some former pows, they said it was complete chaos, one guy told me he wandered around for three weeks until a family took him in. maybe barack was right, who knows.

hey hope you don't mind me going through the blog, but the dissonance was started to get to me, and i need my continuity back, at least for a while.

kathy said...

oh yeah, and if you want to delete them, go ahead.