Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Kid Responds

So a guy with a logo that looks like a Kraftwerk album cover wants to go after me. I must be good . Hell he went after Brother Komrade and Field Negro.I going to respond to his bull.

Point 1. Poor People

I said that Bill Cosby was tripping for what he said about poor people. He stuck up for Bill.Have you seen how much gas has gone up.People can't afford food.When you don't eat you steal.There's going to be riots,how do I know ? Oreilly and the rest of the clowns at Fox keep saying it. It gives the goverment excuse to go after the darker people.How do I know things are bad? White people are losing their houses.

Point 2. Juan Williams

Juan Williams is a sellout! How do I know . As long as he worked at Fox he hasn't beat the shit out of Bill Oreilly or Sean Hannity.Oreilly say racist things to his face and he say "Yes,Bill" what a ponk.

Point 3.Richard Pryor and the Panthers

Yes I have donated to the New Black Panthers, have you? As a matter of fact I gave them money and spoke to Malik Zulu Shabazz the national chairman.I don't use donating to the Panthers as a litmus test for being black, but you sure did.The thing about my comment on Richard Pryor is that he's just like Rev.Wright, free.They say what ever the hell they want.Mr.Cosby will for the rest of his life will be known as a benefactor of Black Colleges and a elitist towards poor Blacks .When Bill Oreilly gives you a compliment somethings wrong with your ass. Black people have a saying , you can tell how good a job a black does by how many white people hate him.White folks STILL hate Richard Pryor,but they loved the hell out of Bill.The point is that Bill Cosby hasn't done anything political in his life.

So good luck with your blog Mr.Williams.

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Villager said...

I enjoyed your post! Well done young brotha! As an aside, your blog is now BBR #831...

peace, Villager