Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Same Sh*t Different Day.

February 11th, 2009 at 1:06 am

Why do liberals think they can say anything they want and people are going to take it for the truth. Are they Drunk, Wasted, or just Stupid? If Buck Wheat is making fools out of the Repubs in Congress there would be division in their ranks and there is only solidarity which is NOT what Buck Wheat expected and wanted. Yes there were three moderates who sold out….I would hardly call that divisiveness. Those three have always disagreed with the Repub. Base.


Just to let you folk know something I was booted off of Greta van Frankenstein's Gretawire for some reason. I guess the reason why is I didn't ridicule a Black President like Gator Bob.BTW,he's still there.He even made death threats about the President.


earl said...

It's like that every day and you got banned because the righties all wrote email to GVS asking for certain users to be banned. That people like you and I, who complain about the racist comments about our president are the the reason there are problems on her blog and if she would just ban certain people they call "baiters", the blog would not have to be closed down. To them calling out a comment as racist is baiting. Keep calling them out even if you can't post comments.

earl said...

Here's one for your collection from today. Sickening that Fox News allows this.

Comment by CICO
February 11th, 2009 at 2:23 pm
That nigro woman who told Obama she wants a house, probably had a new house a few years ago and a nice neighborhood. Probably lived in it doing no upkeep. Wallered around like a bunch of pigs with 20 cousins and aunties and grandchildren until nothing works and is rotting down. That is what happens to these nice new projects the nigros move in to. Finally the government has to tear them down. Meanwhile the nigros are moaning because of the squaller they live in. They forget they created it.


kid said...

Thanks earl ,and remember to keep at it. If she shut Gretawire down, the people will ask why.Let the MSM know about it,and thanks.