Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kwame Ture (Stokley Carmichael) We need a Black United Front

ProudRepublican replied to your comment on VOTE !! / GretaWire:

Kid_funkadeli Man i am not racists and i do not think that just because a person is black that they are a Nigger because Nigger just means trash but i realy do think that you are a Nigger based on the things you say about White folks as well as Black folks that are Republican. I pitty you.No one should have to be as bitter as you are.

This isn't from 1969, this statement is from 2009.To quote Rev.Wright "they didn't bat a eye".Here's some more:

Thinking_Americ replied to your comment on OPEN THREAD / GretaWire:

Having read your posts before, Kid, I think I have to agree wiht Proud. You are what you acuse other people of being. And now you are whining - poor baby, go to bed now.

barinva replied to your comment on OPEN THREAD -- BLOG! / GretaWire:

It's people like you who keep racial hatred alive. Grow up and look at yourself! Non-black America is not a racist country. What I've seen is blacks turning against a conservative family member .

Washington Zoo replied to your comment on OPEN THREAD -- BLOG! / GretaWire:

It is amazing that all other nationalities have made it without any special treatment. The Irish in the 1800's were the minorities, the Italians in the early 1900's. the Jews in the mid 1900's and many others. Many blacks have made it but you and others still want the ability to check the black box for special treatment. And you call me a racist.

Tara replied to your comment on OPEN THREAD -- BLOG! / GretaWire:

He is 50% white, 43% Arab and 7% black

WildOne replied to your comment on OPEN THREAD / GretaWire:

I would call a spade a spade.

missinglink replied to your comment on Good Morning ! Open Thread ! / GretaWire:

Where are you racist fartadelic? I need to kick some black ass!

I would say that I pity these people and I do,but let's get real I CAN'T STAND THESE RACIST SORRY ASS MOTHER FUCKERS.These are the people that Greta whip into a frenzy. They make assassination joke about the President.We have got to shut Gretawire down.I can't post the REALLY bad stuff they say,only the stuff they send to my e-mail.Believe me its worst.They need to be jailed.


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kathy said...

Kid, keep posting, people need to read what is said on Gretawire, thanks for the video of Stokley Carmichael. I wish you didn't have to read the comments from these sick people.

lincolnperry said...

Kid, dont fret the ignorant white folks, and ignorant black folks, keep posting it bro!

kid said...

Thanks Linc.