Friday, February 20, 2009

No More Questions

\no more questions\

It looks like Greta's and FOX's last interview with the President.

North to Alaska,oh yes the rush is on...

Looks like Greta had better stop dogging out the President and haul her flat derriere to Alaska again,Sarah needs a photo op.After plenty of shaming by bloggers and fellow Alaskans Sarah will finally do her job and help her constituents.Here's part of the press release:

"February 19, 2009, Juneau, Alaska - Following up on several trips to Western Alaska by multi-agency state personnel, Governor Sarah Palin and Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell will travel with Franklin Graham, President and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, to the communities of Marshall and Russian Mission on Friday. Samaritan’s Purse is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid across the world. Working with private sector and nonprofit resources, an estimated 10,000 pounds of food will be distributed to more than 200 Alaska families in need."

This is what Mudflats has to say:

"Now we know! We’ve been asking ourselves since January 12, what it would take to shame the governor into actually taking some personal time and doing something to help villages in Western Alaska who are running out of food and fuel this winter."

"Five full weeks after the news hit, we have an answer. A whole lot of bad press."

See the people up there in distress don't live in Sarah's part of America,they are people of color for the most part,indigenous Alaskan Natives.Now that doesn't have any flash like the parties,events and interviews by Greta.So Sarah do like the President is doing and earn your paycheck.

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kathy said...

LOL, she is a nutty screwball.Thanks for this cartoon, the call security part is the best, she is dangerous too, with all that hate speech she stirs up on her "moderated" blog.