Friday, February 27, 2009

Bunker Mentality ?

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This is from Newshounds:

Problems Mount For Rupert Murdoch
Reported by Ellen - Thu 1:39 PM reports all the news is bad for Rupert Murdoch these days. His right-hand man just quit, his daughter, Elizabeth, turned down a role on News Corp.'s board, son Lachlan left the company in 2005, share prices are down 32% and investors are growing tired. "If News Corp's Fox TV network is in need of a reality show idea, it need look no further than its controlling family." .

Lately Rupert Murdoch has been acting polite. He said he was disgusted
with the cartoon in the New York Post. I don't believe him. Many
people have e-mailed and contacted Rupert.They say never kick a man
while he's down,Benny Hill said that it was the best time to kick a
man.Here's how to kick Rupert. The best approach is to contact HIS

You know I really feel sorry for Rupert and I don't want to see his business to lose any more money. This is how to get in contact with his boss. His name is Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal Al-Saud,one of the riches men in the world and a large shareholder of FOX.You can let him know how anti-Islamic and anti-Arab they are.

PS: Greta has racist post on her blog today,follow the thread.

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