Monday, February 9, 2009

Michael Steele: A REAL Change ?

This is some stuff from Sugar's site,here goes:

I nearly laughed my ass off when I saw this headline earlier today: Republicans Pick Steele as Next Party Chair. If you don't know, Michael Steele, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, is an African-American. Make that Black American. Which one could take to mean the Republicans are actually more open to "change" than the Democrats because while Obama is African-American in that his father was from Kenya and his mother from the U.S., he is not Black American and I don't remember Nancy Pelosi snapping at anyone on Al Sharpton's behalf during his run back in 2004. Anybody? Now, to be sure, the Republican National Committee members voted Steele in as chair because they wanted to issue a "take that!" to Obama and the DNC, but hell I'll take it. Now, the Republicans will be able to take it to Obama without fear of being labeled racist...well, you'd think anyway. My Black ass has been called racist more times than I can count for speaking against Obama. WTF? We'll see. --SUGAR

OK ,you can stop throwing up now.We are suppose to think that Michael Steele is "down wit' da' cause" because he's black.I didn't vote for the President because he's black, if I had done that I would have voted for J.Kenneth Blackwell for Governor.Let me first put some stuff out about this one guy's family and see if he would have been a good pick for the Republicans to run for office.

Brother in law is Malik Abdul Aziz.His nephew is named Amir.Malik once engaged in cannibalism.One of Malik's two wives he was alleged to have beaten.Malik was even sentenced to prison for assaulting a woman.He even beat up someone who beaten Michael Moorer. Malik is a Muslim and orthodox.Malik is extremely dangerous.He has four children, Monica the mother of Malik's two kids,was paid for services that were never performed,worked as her brothers finance chairman from a 2006 campaign federal prosecutors were told.Federal agents in recent days contacted one of Malik's former wives, a spokesman for her brother said yesterday.

Using bigotry ,racism,and omitting the truth I did the same thing Sugar did.First I'm using all real names.Malik Abdul Aziz is the legal name for Mike Tyson.Monica was one of Mike's former wives,Robin Givens is the other.Mike's son is named Amir.Mike bit off Holyfields ear off. Holyfield did beat up Michael Moorer,the fighter not Michael Moore the director.AND MIKE IS MICHAEL STEELE BROTHER IN LAW.This has nothing to do with Michael Steele being a quisling and a Tom.BTW, when I mentioned Mike was Orthodox it's 100% true ,it means he fights left handed,not his religion.Now do you think that Steele can take four years of what the President had to go through for two years?Republicans like him and they STILL call him boy.

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